Examples of Source One's Success in Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Support

Case Studies & Examples

Case Studies & Examples

Source One can assist your business in the procurement of essential goods/services, by implementing strategic programs to achieve cost reduction and relationship improvement.  We offer our clients a variety of best-in-class services, including industry research and comparison, mediations, contracting, auditing, and more.  Please review a few of our case studies in order to become more familiar with our services and the positive and sustainable results that we consistently achieve.

Case Study Overview

Since 1992, Source One has achieved immense success in the implementation of strategic sourcing, category management, and cost reduction programs for our clients.  With an average savings of 18%, we can positively support our clients in any phase of their procurement initiatives.  You can learn more about our services, and our staggering results, by reviewing our strategic sourcing case studies.

Access our case studies and realize the positive impact we have with each of our clients.

Multiple Category Case Study

In the past, Source One aided a $300 million international coating corporation with the procurement of various indirect materials and services.  The supply chain experts at Source One helped the company to source LTL Freight, Small Package services, Telecom infrastructure and services, Packaging, and more.  Discover the positive impact that our team had on this corporation’s indirect expenditures.

Click to browse this cross-category case study and explore the details of the project.

MRO Case Study

Our team helped a publically traded mining company to achieve savings in the MRO spend category.  Source One was able to correct for decentralized MRO sourcing practices by consolidating contracts and fostering continuity across locations.  This project spanned well over ten MRO sub-categories, and resulted in substantial cost reduction without disrupting the client’s processes or operations.

Read through this sample MRO project to further understand our services and, in particular, our MRO experience.

MPLS Case Study

A large American healthcare provider approached Source One for assistance with reducing its telecommunications expenditures.  This customer had very specific and pressing needs for the telecom spend category, and counted on us to meet their high expectations in a timely and efficient manner.  Luckily, through collaboration and determination, we exceeded them by achieving significant cost reduction and selecting a new, more capable supplier that delivered on all their telecom requirements.

Click to access the entire MPLS Network case study.

Quick Case Study Highlights

At Source One, we provide our clients with a plethora of strategic sourcing and procurement services that aim to accomplish significant cost reduction for both direct and indirect spend categories.  We have hundreds of success stories and satisfied clients.  We are constantly receiving positive feedback on our supply chain initiatives, and strive to continue having a positive impact on our clients.

Click for a highlights of our supply chain services, and the results we are capable of producing.

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