E-Procurement Advisory & Selection

E-Procurement Advisory & Selection

Electronic Enablement of Procurement in itself can help reduce the costs of your sourcing operations

Procurement Tools
Electronic enablement of procurement can take many shapes and forms.
From simple online order processing through supplier managed catalogs, to complex procure-to-pay systems, the goal is the same:Reduce the costs of procurement and supply chain processes, while introducing a positive culture change in your organization.


Source One has experience and partnerships with the leading industry players in all aspects of procurement e-enablement.
Our team can help your business select the right set of tools, products, or services that will drive the optimal results for your organization.
Whether you require a full-scale procure-to-pay system, or need help negotiating and implementing a purchasing card (p-card) system, let our experts help you make the right decisions.

Benefits of e-Enablement in Procurement:

Source One can help you achieve all of these goals.

We will assist in selecting the correct tool, service providers, or set of technologies for your individual business need.
Our dedicated team will help you gain the level of executive sponsorship you require, overcome cultural issues, and in some cases can even assist in the technical implementations.

Source One also provides a free set of sourcing tools that can be plugged-in to any strategic sourcing process without specialized support or software.
At the end of strategic sourcing initiatives, Source One conducts a knowledge transfer, leaving our clients fully capable of driving similar and repeatable results in future initiatives.

For more information on our free procurement tools click here.

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Procurement Technologies

Electronic Efficiency in Procurement
Source One uses the latest technology solutions in procurement

We can assist our clients in selecting the right software for their business, or provide free access to the tools that we have developed in-house.

Source One makes available the only completely free set of sourcing tools available online to the general public. You do not need to be a client to use our tools.

With a Supplier Database, Online Stores, Contract Management and Reverse Auction and RFP Management tools, WhyAbe.com provides the only free solutions on the market to procurement professionals and suppliers alike.

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