Spend Analysis Services

Spend Analysis Services

Spend Analysis Consulting And Procurement Spend Aggregation Services

Spend Analysis Consulting
Having a clean and reliable spend analysis greatly impacts the results you can achieve from your strategic sourcing initiative.

The first step in strategic sourcing and spend reduction is the identification of the categories that have the greatest potential. Spend Analysis is the starting point in identifying the savings opportunities in your corporate procurement processes.

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However, a quality Spend Analysis goes beyond identifying the highest level category spend. A proper spend analysis will consolidate, clean and classify spend data across multiple departments, systems and locations.

Source One’s spend analysis and strategic sourcing service provide clients with:

“Analysts estimate that an effective, ongoing spend analysis program can produce net savings of 7 to 10 percent in the cost of goods sold, with additional savings elsewhere.”
…… Supply and Demand Chain Executive

Spend Analysis Report
Download a Sample Spend Analysis Report

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Spend Analysis Solutions

Deciding where to begin is the first of many difficult decisions your organization must make in order to begin a strategic sourcing project. Source One will help you conduct a full spend analysis to identify your potential savings opportunities. There is no need to purchase expensive software, we can provide the tools and resources for you.

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