Contingency Based Cost Reduction

Contingency Based Cost Reduction

You are concerned about reducing your spend. Therefore, you should not have to worry about finding a budget for your procurement consultants to operate within..... Source One has the answer.

Strategic Sourcing Services Source One provides flexible fee options for our services. Clients can choose between contingency (gain sharing) based billing, fee for service or a hybrid of both solutions.

Source One challenges the statement “No Risk No Reward”. With our contingency based sourcing services our clients are able to receive the benefits of an on-demand resources without the risks of upfront costs, consulting expenses and resource time consumption.


Source One is Different:

Source One can help your organization obtain hard dollar savings.

Source One provides true On-Demand Resources. Our clients can engage us for full strategic sourcing services, or use us only in one phase of a strategic sourcing initiative. Source One can assist in any phase of: benchmarking, spend analysis, spend consolidation, specification building, identification of alternate supply, market research, RFX management, or contract recommendations and negotiations.

Our objective on all sourcing initiatives is to help our clients obtain the best overall total-value and quality of service with existing or new suppliers.

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Flexible Payment Options

Contingency Based Strategic Sourcing

Source One offers one of the most unique business models in the industry.

With Source One’s Contingency Based Strategic Sourcing Services, our clients pay us out of actual hard-dollar savings after they are obtained.

Unlike our competitors, there are no hidden-fees or extra charges for our efforts. We are confident that we can obtain real savings and are willing to assume the risk to do so.

Source One works exclusively on our clients behalf. We Never Accept referral fees, agency fees or commissions from suppliers, and ensure our clients are getting the best value for their procurement dollar.

Fee For Service

Source One provides On-Demand Sourcing Solutions customized for each individual client’s needs.Many clients choose to use Source One for only a portion of their Strategic Sourcing or Procurement initiatives. Source One offers low-cost customized solutions for our clients.Our staff is entirely dedicated to Strategic Sourcing and Procurement projects. With Source One, you are not paying our overhead costs for marketing, travel or administrative staffing. Our unique team of sourcing professionals allows us to deliver the lowest total cost solution to provide your business with the highest total value.Contact us for more info.