Market Research and Benchmarking Services to Give You a Competitive Edge

Market Research and Market Intelligence Reports The key to a successful sourcing initiative, product launch, negotiation or solid supply chain is having the right market intelligence. Our market research and benchmarking services can ensure that your project, whatever it may be, is successful.

Need to know where your competitors or peers are buying from? Want to know where to build your next factory or distribution center? Need to identify sources of supply? Want to know the historical or predicted market conditions of a particular commodity? We can help!

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The new economy has tasked us all with doing more with less. At the same time, your company is trying to remain competitive and grow. Having the right information at the right time is critical to remaining best-in-class for every company in any industry. Source One offers solutions to help gathering market intelligence easier.

Sample Market Research and Benchmark Reports:

Source One is available to help with the smallest pieces of your strategic sourcing project or the entire life cycle from start to finish. Supplement your existing team and information with our data, or use our team to conduct the entire initiative.

Our market research and benchmarking services can help you to gauge where you are in the marketplace and can provide the market intelligence you need to maintain a competitive edge.

Market Intelligence from Multiple Sources

We are often asked what qualifies us to deliver market intelligence on a particular product, service or market. And that's a great question that you should ask from any supplier you are looking to hire. Here are just some of the reasons we are successful at benchmarking and market research:

Deep Databases Source One has been providing strategic sourcing services since 1992. Our database of historical prices, market conditions and prices is unparralled in the industry.
Cross Industry Experience Source One works in just about every industry. We collect data and information from similar industries and tangential technologies and can leverage that information into useful data to help companies in any industry.
Source Tools & Data From Other Companies Our e-sourcing technologies are in use by companies throughout the world. Every day, companies are running sourcing events and collecting data using our tools. Our access to that data allows us to quickly identify shifting market conditions on a global basis.
Supplier Fed As a leading Procurement Service Provider, suppliers realize the large market of opportunity our clients possess. Therefore, they are constantly feeding us data and information, sometimes months in advance of a product launch, in order for us to introduce that information to our clients.
Time Simply put, we have more time to focus on our initiatives. We don't have to deal with the day to day trials of managing your business, so we can focus exclusively on the tasks you need us to perform.