Strategic Sourcing In Mexico and Other Latin American Near Shore Countries

Strategic Sourcing in Mexico For decades, U.S. companies have flocked to the low-cost safety of nations in the Far East, such as Taiwan, China and Korea. The reason is simple. Cheap wages, government-subsidized materials and low overhead costs enabled foreign suppliers allowed foreign suppliers to beat any domestic manufacturer's pricing.

But Things Are Changing....

Today, however, the landscape is changing. Foreign workers are demanding their fair share - higher wages and better working conditions. At the same time, fuel costs have skyrocketed, thereby increasing transportation costs to a level that offset some of the savings provided by cheap labor.

In addition, the growing problem of intellectual property theft is costing U.S. companies millions of dollars, along with the illegal (but unofficially sanctioned) selling of products, over-runs or private labeled products using designs or processes owned by U.S. companies.

Growing political unrest in various nations, as well as a wave of concerns about lack of quality control and contamination in foreign-produced consumer goods are also leading U.S. companies to re-think their relationships with their distant off-shore suppliers.

Mexico -- A Near-Shore Opportunity

For many of these U.S. companies, Mexico may be the best kept secret solution to their problems. Compared to their experiences with overseas entities, "near-shore" suppliers in Mexico can offer a number of significant advantages:

Even so, locating the right partner can be a significant challenge. That's where we come in.

Source One has been working with their professional colleagues in Mexico and Latin American to identify potential suppliers and to assess capabilities for increased business expansion. In addition, Source One has been working directly with potential suppliers to assist them in their efforts to reach out effectively to the U.S. marketplace.

If you are looking to "near-shore" your manufacturing, Mexico might just be the right place for you. Source One has the resources, experience and skills to navigate cultural and technical barriers in order to help you procure in Mexico.

Presentation Materials And Speaking Engagements

Near Shoring Training and Presentation Materials Available Upon Request
Source One is proud to participate in international speaking engagements on a frequent basis. Please think of Source One next time you require subject matter expertise at your next conference or event.

If you would like a free video of our events, or would like copies of our presentation materials, please contact our PR department.

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Presentation to Universidad La Salle
In late 2011, William Dorn (Director of Operations) and Diego De La Garza (Liason to Latin American Markets) were proud to speak at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the University of La Salle, Mexico City, Business School. The presentation described the opportunities Mexico has for attracting international business and the challenges faced by American buyers who are looking to source from Mexico.

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"Strategic Sourcing Mexico, Challenges and Opportunities"

2nd National Congress, Manzanillo (CONAMA)
In March of 2011, Source One's Steven Belli, CEO, and William Dorn, VP of Operations, were the first American business representatives invited to address a major international business conference -- the 2nd National Congress Manzanillo (CONAMA) 2011 -- that drew government, business and academic leaders from across the Latin American region to talk about issues relating to international commerce, outsourcing and procurement, logistics, transportation and tourism.

CONAMA Conference 2011
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