Sustainability & Eco Friendly Procurement Services from Source One

Sustainability & Eco Friendly

Sustainability Solutions Through Strategic Sourcing


Source One provides sustainability and green solutions for companies looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the environment

As environmental awareness and government regulations continue to increase, responsible businesses continually face mounting pressure to develop sustainable practices within their organization. Source One’s team of experts will leverage its cross-industry experience and expertise to improve your company’s sustainability practices. Whether it be through renewable energy sources, waste reduction services, or improving the lifecycle of your facility, Source One can help you implement a low cost sustainability program within your organization. We will develop and evaluate alternative green solutions and work with vendors to ensure that sustainable products and services are purchased at the most economical price available in today’s market. By utilizing our best practices and leveraging our strategic sourcing market intelligence, your organization can go green with a neutral impact on your budget..


Source One professionals work with our clients to implement cost-effective and environmentally friendly options that are tailored to your organization’s needs.

We can help you achieve sustainability by: 

It is a common misconception that sustainable solutions are more costly than traditional products due to the higher production costs involved. In many cases, it is possible to still achieve a significant percentage in savings when sourcing sustainable and eco-friendly products. It is best to have a procurement specialist on your side to identify alternative practices and collaborative suppliers who can also negotiate with those suppliers to find one best-suited to cater to your organization’s needs and provide the quality of services you expect.

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Reducing Utilities Cost

Are you efficiently managing your business’ utilities, gas, and electric providers? We can help your company improve its utilities spend while implementing new tools and best practices to drive down costs. In many cases we can also help identify Green Energy providers in your region.Find out more on our Energy Cost savings

Reducing  Costs  Since  1992

For over 20 years, Source One’s team of strategic sourcing experts have successfully matched clients with best-fit products, services, and suppliers — ensuring that our clients’ quality and performance demands do not suffer as we work with suppliers to negotiate best value. Our proven strategic sourcing practices, derived from working with virtually every industry silo and product category, help achieve the best possible supplier customer relationships with any organization’s sustainability initiatives.