Strategic Sourcing for Professional Services

Professional Services Expense Reduction Source One provides practical guidance that will help you contract independent consultants and service providers and negotiate human capital agreements to your advantage.

Our solutions for professional service agreements include a detailed review of terms and conditions in a standard professional service agreement, and can even verify subcontracting and non-disclosure clauses.

We will explain or work on your behalf to successfully identify all risks inherent within the terms and conditions and will help you evaluate those risks and the impact they have on your organization. Our team will help balance the terms and conditions of your service contracts and will balance them with the needs and desires of your suppliers.

Our professional services workplan summary includes:

Though helpful, Source One does not need to be engaged at the start of your professional services sourcing initiative. Often, we are capable of producing superior results when engaged at the contracting phase of your initiative.

Learn more about our contract negotiation services.

Expense Reduction

Professional Services
The strategic sourcing process can be applied to more than just products and commodities. Our spend analysis services will help identify the service areas that your organization may focus on to drive cost savings.

Contract Negotiations
Source One can often produce results at the end of your initiatives. It is not too late to engage Source One, even if you have already reached the final contracting phase. Read more about our negotiation services.

Contracting Services

Spend Analysis Solutions
Don't know where to begin? We do. Let us conduct a spend analysis to help you determine what areas your procurement department should focus its efforts on.

Spend Analysis Services