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Benchmarking White Paper
IT Insights Report
Marketing Services Sourcing Insights Report
Supplier Relationship Management Insights Report

Benchmarking Report

This white paper outlines the importance of having access to benchmarking data in the sourcing process. This benchmarking report includes best practices, results achieved, sourcing process, potential benefits, and success stories.

IT Insights Report

This Insights report, sponsored by Corporate United, discusses the future of sourcing IT spend and reviews the best practices and benchmarking activities that leading companies are taking to ensure a properly managed IT spend category.

Marketing Insights Report

Our Marketing Sourcing Insights Report documents the rise in Procurement's involvement with Marketing and outlines the methods and practices Procurement can use to further collaboration with Sales & Marketing groups.

SRM Insights Report

Source One's SRM report discusses the growing importance of optimally managing critical suppliers in modern Sourcing groups, and lists out the processes, procedures, and best practices your organization can use to deploy its own program.

Source One Procurement Survey Reports:

The procurement & sourcing industries have seen a major boom in recent years, and the effects of this growth have not been studied to any great length. Source One conducted its Procurement State of the Industry survey in the latter part of 2012, and is releasing the results of the Procurement State of the Industry survey through a series of monthly reports that will culminate in a white paper to be published in 4Q 2013. Click each link below to download each portion of the whitepaper.

Companies Face Limited Procurement Resources: Whitepaper (PDF)
A variety of factors have procurement and sourcing departments seeing their workload increase and their workforce decrease. This paper studies the staffing health of procurement departments in organizations large and small.

The Roles of Education & Experience in Procurement: Whitepaper (PDF)
What matters more for procurement career success: experience or education? This paper analyzes the career paths of procurement professionals whose experience ranges from zero to decades and whose education ranges from high school dropout to doctorates.

Department Size In Relation To Organization Size: Whitepaper (PDF)
This document studies the departmental structures & savings policies that procurement departments implement as they, and their surrounding organizations, grow.

Departmental Visibility & Perception of Procurement: Whitepaper (PDF)
This whitepaper dives into how procurement professionals believe they are viewed, in terms of the value they produce for the organization, versus how their companies actually view them.

Seven Steps to BPO Success:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is booming in many US industries. The justifications are strong: up to 50% cost savings on existing operations, access to specialized skills, a highly scalable and flexible supply of lower cost capacity and the potential for improved operations performance. Outsourcing is no longer on the "leading edge" and is a proven tool used by mainstream businesses to achieve their financial goals. However, misperceptions about outsourcing, its complexity and risks have kept many companies on the sideline. This white paper debunks some of these myths and provides an industry veteran's list of the most important factors influencing BPO success. Request your free copy of "7 Steps to BPO Success" and learn how to define or refine your BPO strategy.

Contact Us and Request the Free Whitepaper "Seven Steps to BPO Success"

Procurement Outsourcing, a Strategic Imperative:

Recent Aberdeen research, sponsored by Source One, reports that regardless of the choice to outsource procurement processes entirely or incrementally, companies have reported increase spend visibility, reduced spend, and improved service levels as a direct result of procurement outsourcing.

Procurement Outsourcing: A Strategic Imperative?

Advanced Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Engagement:

Having a structured procurement process provides a framework that can produce sustainable savings in most procurement initiatives. However, creativity is critical in the application of the strategic sourcing process and will have dramatic effects on the results achieved.

A Creative Approach to Advanced Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Engagement.

Strategic Sourcing in the Mid-Market Benchmark:

Most mid-size enterprises lack disciplined sourcing practices, category expertise, and spending power to negotiate and maintain competitive supply chains, according to a new Aberdeen Group benchmark report, Strategic Sourcing in the Mid-Market Benchmark: The Echo Boom in Supply Management. Aberdeen estimates that such deficiencies are costing mid-size firms in the U.S. $134 billion a year in missed supply savings opportunities.

Read the Mid-Market Strategic Sourcing Report.

CFO View of Procurement:

CFOs have acknowledged the increased influence of procurement and see it as a growing contributor to corporate competitiveness. Initiatives that directly manage supply availability, transportation/logistics costs and escalating commodity prices are areas where procurement should play a leading role.

Click here to download a PDF of the Aberdeen report.

What is a Procurement Service Provider?

The use of Procurement Service Providers is rapidly increasing due to increased awareness of the supply chain and changing global market conditions. Businesses have an increasing need to maintain and reduce costs without eliminating or adding resources. Procurement Service Providers may be contracted with to increase or supplement internal resources while keeping costs low.

Read more about Procurement Service Providers.

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