Direct Materials Strategic Sourcing Success Earns Source One Its Sixth Consecutive SDCE Green Supply Chain Award

12/12 – Direct Materials Sourcing Project Earns SDCE 2017 Green Award

Source One Caps 25th Anniversary Celebrations with Supply and Demand Chain Executive 2017 Green Award Win

SDCE Recognizes Source One as a 2017 Green Award Winner


Willow Grove, PA (December 12, 2017) – Leading provider of strategic sourcing and procurement services, Source One Management Services proudly accepts Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s (SDCE) 2017 Green Supply Chain Award. This year’s Green Award marks the sixth-consecutive year the supply management experts have been recognized for empowering forward-thinking organizations to achieve their sustainability goals. The supply chain recognition from SDCE brings Source One’s year-long celebration of its 25th Anniversary to an end on a high note.

Delivering strategic sourcing expertise, market intelligence, and procurement best practices, Source One has helped countless companies achieve their sustainability goals. Over its two and half decades, the procurement services firm has helped companies partner with suppliers who share their mission of delivering products backed by responsible supply chain practices. Conversely, Source One’s strategic sourcing experts have also helped companies pursue cost reduction opportunities that are also environmentally-friendly – which was the case for one of the many successful “green” supply chain initiatives driving Source One’s 2017 Green Award nomination.

Looking to gain a competitive advantage by offering a low-cost alternative product line within its crowded market, a building products manufacturer reached out to Source One for direct materials sourcing support.  Leading a competitive bid process, Source One’s engineered products sourcing experts uncovered a previously unexplored area for cost reduction that also boasted green benefits within the product’s design: leveraging recycled goods.

By using compression molding and recycled plastics, the building products manufacturer client could offer their new product line at a lower price without sacrificing quality. The direct materials strategic sourcing project not only helped the company achieve significant savings that could be passed through to their customers with lower pricing, but also gave the product line an added competitive advantage as the only product line of its type to boast a green manufacturing process.

The direct materials sourcing engagement is a prime example of the goal Source One’s strategic sourcing experts have when it comes to delivering sustainable supply chain solutions: enable organizations to achieve the possible greatest value out of their budgets and meet their sustainability goals.

“Over our 25 years as a strategic sourcing services provider, we have remained steadfast in our goals of delivering quantifiable value and measurable results for our clients,” comments Source One’s VP of Operations William Dorn. “This is especially true in our approach to ‘green’ the supply management operations and practices of our clients – by not only identifying suppliers with the ability to  reinforce their sustainability goals but making ‘going green’ a cost-effective option.”

As today’s environmentally conscious consumers insist on ethical and sustainable supply management practices from their brands of choice, Source One’s mission to support eco-friendly cost savings remains ever crucial. Over the upcoming year, the procurement services provider looks forward to the ongoing opportunity of combining social responsibility with effective spend management practices – evident in Source One’s relaunch of Coming early 2018, Source One will be releasing a much revamped, complete with enhanced contract management, reverse auction, and RFX capabilities for procurement teams seeking a hassle-free eSourcing solution for their supplier engagement and sourcing needs.

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