Source One Will Join Procurement Thought Leaders at this Fall's Procurious Big Ideas Summit

8/13 – Discussing Procurement’s Impact with Innovators and Thought Leaders

Highlighting High-Impact Procurement Initiatives at the Big Ideas Summit in Chicago

Discussing Procurement's Impact with Industry Thought Leaders


Chicago, IL  (August 13, 2019) – On September 18th, Source One’s spend management consultants will take the stage at the Procurious Big Ideas Summit in Chicago to demonstrate the incredible value Procurement teams have delivered to their enterprise and industry. Titled, Procurement Can. . ., the presentation will use real-life case studies to illustrate Procurement’s game-changing potential. It is just one of the numerous high-impact  sessions that will educate and inspire this year’s Bid Ideas Summit attendees.

Procurious commits itself to elevating the Procurement function and bringing its most innovative professionals together as peers. This year’s series of Big Ideas Summits will serve this mission with agendas focused on cutting-edge topics and next-generation solutions. Source One’s session, presented by Diego De la Garza, will center on Procurement’s  ability to deliver results beyond budgets, sharing stories of how companies have leveraged the function to revolutionize treatment for patients with mental illness, foster strategic relationships with suppliers to mitigate risk, develop technology to drive competitive advantages, and more.

“Everyone who’ll attend this year’s Big Ideas Summit is well aware that Procurement can make an impact beyond cost savings,” says De la Garza. “They may not recognize, however, the full extent of its potential. Throughout my presentation, I’ll describe engagements that Source One and its team have carried out over the years.  My intention is that these will provide concrete evidence that Procurement is a high-value entity as well as best practices for optimizing its efforts.”

Last year’s Chicago Big Ideas Summit welcomed presenters from industry-leading organizations including Dell and GlaxoSmithKline. Covering topics including Corporate Social Responsibility, the digital revolution, and next-generation talent management, this year’s agenda promises another thought provoking event.

Later this fall, Source One’s team will attend additional networking events including Consero’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Executive Roundtable. The Spend Management firm will also host its annual happy hour for Chicago-area procurement professionals. Read Source One’s blog, The Strategic Sourceror, for updates throughout the coming months.

Procurious Chicago Big Ideas Summit
Chicago, IL,
Starting on
September 18, 2019
Ending on
September 18, 2019
On September 18th, Source One's Diego De la Garza will take the stage during Procurious' Annual Chicago Big Ideas Summit. The spend management expert will share the incredible case study examples of how the Procurement function has been leveraged by industry leading companies to drive industry change, navigate risk, and impact consumer lives.