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Ethical Procurement Practices

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Source One specializes in Ethical Strategic Sourcing Initiatives for businesses of all sizes in every industry.

Our entire staff is dedicated to one purpose; Strategic Sourcing. Source One focuses on providing the best total-cost solution that is reasonable and feasible for your organization. We provide Procurement Change Management Services to ensure the success of your initiatives.

Over the last 3 decades, Source One has sourced over one billion dollars worth of products and services for our clients. On average, our clients saved 18% on their total procurement costs. For details of some recent strategic sourcing projects , please take a moment to read our Strategic Sourcing Case Studies and review our Project Results. 

Source One is unique. We live by a set of guiding principles that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Our principles ensure successful Procurement Projects and Positive Relationships throughout our Client Supply Chain.

Source One is a completely independent third-party consultant.Unlike many other organizations in the procurement consulting industry, Source One Never Accepts referral fees, agency fees or commissions from suppliers.We work exclusively on behalf of our clients and ensure they are getting the best value for their procurement initiatives.

Our Guiding Principles:

Source One recognizes that the lowest cost purchase is not necessarily the highest value purchase.
Consultants that focus exclusively on the bottom line often loose focus of the needs of the organization they set out to assist.
Source One will work with our sponsors to ensure the best total value solution is implemented in our client’s organizations and will help you sell the initiative internally.

Our objective on all sourcing initiatives is to help our clients obtain the best overall total-cost and quality of service with existing or new suppliers.

Procurement Change ManagementSource One Specializes in Change Management for Procurement

Source One is a Procurement Service Provider that has been assisting companies with their strategic sourcing and procurement initiatives since 1992. We bring an entrepreneurial spirit to Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, and realize that the internal selling of your initiatives and your organization’s total buy-in is imperative to the success of the initiative.

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