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The Strategic Sourceror Procurement Blog

Founded by Source One’s Spend Management Consultants in January of 2008, Strategic Sourceror is a blog devoted to best practices in strategic sourcing and procurement, category management, as well as supply chain news. While there are several sources online that focus on the spend management and procurement functions, they mostly emphasize reviewing procurement services providers, software, and developments in the consulting space. The team of spend management and vendor cost reduction experts from Source One and the Strategic Sourceror instead focus on covering industry news and sharing the category management expertise that strategic sourcing and supply chain professionals need to improve their market intelligence.

The website has a contemporary design for effortless navigation, accurate article classification, enhanced visuals and a system to suggest relevant articles and procurement news stories. The thousands of procurement articles and supply chain news stories are classified to assist readers in identifying and consuming procurement and strategic sourcing content that is specific to their interest. Spend categories including communications, marketing, IT and direct materials are organized to guide procurement professionals and strategic sourcing category managers to the exact information they’re searching for. Our subject matter experts and cost reduction professionals at Source One use the website as a platform to establish themselves as thought leaders in the procurement industry, and the site also separates news and opinion pieces from the category-focused content, with a section dedicated to guest contributions from our partners and fellow supply chain thought leaders and other procurement professionals.

The option to subscribe to RSS feed emails is also available, delivering relevant procurement and strategic sourcing content to readers directly. Visitors on the site who access full procurement and strategic sourcing articles will see related stories and article headlines that could spark their interest with the ability to explore the spend topic further. Additional supply management resources are offered in a section that highlights other publications, tools, companies and resources that could be useful to strategic sourcing and procurement professionals visiting Strategic Sourceror.

“We initiated the Strategic Sourceror knowing it wouldn’t be easy to continuously produce original and engaging procurement and strategic sourcing material for our readers and that failure was a possibility. The blog has been up since 2008 and not only persevered, but Strategic Sourceror has developed into a noted voice in the procurement and supply chain industry,” said William Dorn, VP Operations at Source One and website manager of

To learn more, head on over to The Strategic Sourceror. And as always, please contact Source One’s Strategic Sourcing Team for support in category management and cost reduction.

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Source One Management Services’ team of spend category cost reduction subject matter experts, industry veterans, and experienced procurement analysts manages a diverse portfolio of brands to better serve the procurement and strategic sourcing community.

Source One’s spend management experts have made it easy to gain spend visibility, removing the need for complex systems integration or software implementations. Combining automation, the reporting and visualization power of leading spend analysis software, and good old-fashioned procurement know-how, delivers rapid and actionable spend analysis. SpendConsultant is powered by the extensive supplier and market intelligence Source One’s cost reduction team has accumulated through hundreds and hundreds of strategic sourcing and benchmarking projects, and our customers benefit from that knowledge – distilled into actionable sourcing levers on a per category basis.

Spend Analysis as a Service

Source One’s strategic sourcing experts have developed the world’s only completely free eSourcing and Reverse Auction Platform, Originally produced as an internal tool to make the procurement service provider’s sourcing events more efficient and more manageable, the spend consultants at Source One decided to offer these procurement tools to the public for absolutely no charge. Thousands of strategic sourcing events are administered in every year, and Source One’s team of procurement consultants utilize the collective market and supplier intelligence in aggregate to conduct better sourcing engagements for our clients.

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