How to Re-position Procurement's Brand

8/7 – Building a New Brand Identity for Procurement

Source One Director Jennifer Ulrich Will Discuss Refining Procurement's Brand at SCOPE Procurement Summit

Optimizing Procurement's Brand at SCOPE


Willow Grove, PA (August 7, 2019) – Source One’s resident Procurement Transformation specialist, Director Jennifer Ulrich, will share insights with a select group of thought leaders at this month’s SCOPE Procurement Summit. The three-day conference welcomes experts from organizations including the National Basketball Association, Siemens, and IBM to Las Vegas, NV. There, they’ll discuss Supply Management’s most prevailing challenges and exchange the best practices that have helped make them industry leaders.

On Day 2 of the invitation-only event, Ulrich will deliver a presentation entitled Perception is Reality: Refining Procurement’s Identity for Maximum Impact. It will call upon Ulrich’s history of driving successful Procurement Transformations and focus on the importance of both a recognizable identity and a strong state of purpose.

“When we talk about branding,” says Ulrich, “we tend to focus on the individual and organization-wide perspective. We rarely discuss the ways a business unit like Procurement can build a brand of its own. Many of the principles that drive personal branding and company-wide branding initiatives are just as useful for Procurement.”

Though Procurement has evolved over the last decade, the function is still perceived as low-value and tactical within organizations across the globe. Ulrich believes the function won’t reach its potential until it commits itself to building a new identity. She remarks, “Procurement can’t become a trusted business partner without first refining its vision, aligning itself with stakeholders, and emphasizing its power to enable the entire organization. I hope SCOPE attendees leave my presentation with a new determination to carry out these initiatives.”

The SCOPE Summit is just one of the Supply Chain events that Source One’s team will attend over the next several months. In September, they’ll deliver a presentation at the Procurious Big Ideas Summit. Director Diego De la Garza will share spend management case study examples from throughout his career to advocate for a new, more nuanced approach to Procurement.

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