Business Cost Reduction Without Headcount Reduction

Business Cost Reduction Without Headcount Reduction

Businesses Can Cut Costs Without Reducing Headcount... Three Opportunities For Savings

3 Ways to Cut Corporate CostsThree Solutions for Businesses in a Tough Economy. Procurement Service Provider, Source One, offers three unique suggestions for businesses of all sizes to help cut costs and increase profitability in tough economic times.
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, June 8, 2009

Inbound calls for help are up significantly at Source One Management Services, LLC, a leading Procurement Service Provider. Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to get savings and operate more efficiently, preferably without reducing headcount.

“The calls for help tend to fall into 3 categories,” says Steve Belli, CEO of Source One. “Some of the companies are looking for immediate savings that they can implement quickly, while others have complex requirements and they need resources to develop a long term sourcing strategy.

The third type of request is from organizations looking for tools to help them to operate more efficiently and effectively.”

What solution do you have for companies that need immediate savings that can be implemented quickly? has pre-negotiated contracts that provide a free, quick, and easy way for businesses to gain immediate access to preferred pricing for commonly purchased items and services. Buyers just add the deals they are interested in to their market basket and a representative will contact them within 48 hours to begin the process of signing them up for the deal.

Master Negotiator currently offers contracts with aggressive pricing in categories such as: Office Supplies, Local and Long Distance Telephone Networks, Merchant Accounts, Work Wear Apparel and Uniforms, Pest Control Services, Freight and Transportation, and more…

Here is what some of our customers have to say:

How do you help those companies that have more complex requirements or need a long term sourcing strategy?

For organizations with large spends or custom requirements, Source One offers custom consulting services to help organizations analyze and improve spend coverage, reduce costs, introduce industry best practices, monitor supplier compliance and leverage the latest procurement technologies through customized strategic sourcing solutions. Other benefits include a heightened level of visibility into purchasing data, strengthened relationships with suppliers, and improved internal compliance.

In order to best service its clients, Source One provides flexible fee options for its consulting services including a contingency (gain sharing) option to lower client risk. Source One’s pay for performance services are designed for organizations that have unique or complex requirements, require assistance with implementation, lack resources, or would like to leverage volumes to rationalize the supply base and obtain best-in-class pricing.

Do you have sourcing tools to help a procurement team operate more efficiently? is the web’s first and only free e-sourcing tool. The technologies are already being used by hundreds of businesses ranging from one-person startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Buyers have the ability to research and find new suppliers, manage contracts, create and manage RFx and Reverse Auction events. Suppliers can register for free in the supplier directory, find new business, and advertise their products or services through free basic on line stores. There is no software to install, no fees to pay, and no complex licensing agreements for buyers or suppliers. Additionally, provides private label sites for companies that want to maintain their own branding identity for an affordable monthly cost.

With free e-sourcing and contract management tools (, self service pre-negotiated contracts (, and full service strategic sourcing services , Source One provides organizations of all sizes with assistance in optimizing their performance and profitability during these difficult economic times.

Download an MP3 Audio Interview with Source One’s CEO, Steven Belli

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Spend Reduction Solutions

Sourcing Strategy

For companies that are looking to develop long-term sustainable savings in their supply chain, Source One offers a variety of Procurement Consulting Services. Source One’s strategic sourcing services and procurement optimization techniques can ensure any business is getting the best band-for-the-buck in each dollar it spends with its suppliers.

Electronic Sourcing Solutions

Since 2005, has provided free electronic sourcing tools to the procurement community. Now, a complete solution, WhyAbe offers free Reverse Auctions, RFP and RFI events, stores for suppliers and a basic contract management system.


Pre-Negotiated Deals

Launched late in 2008, Master Negotiator offers free services to businesses of all sizes. The site offers fantastic deals, discounts, and contracts for commonly purchased goods and services for any business.