Case Studies Show Source One's Success in Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Case Study Overview

Cost Reduction through Strategic Sourcing

Source One has sourced over one billion dollars worth of products and services for our clients in hundreds of spend categories. Average savings across all categories are 18%.

Source One can assist just about any client in any industry. As the leading Procurement Service Provider, we have serviced clients in the mid-market and larger for the last three decades. We now have solutions for businesses of any size, including small businesses, through our Master Negotiator offering.

We find savings in over 97% of our strategic sourcing initiatives without our clients having to switch suppliers.

Source One can assist in any phase of your Strategic Sourcing initiatives. To discuss how Source One may benefit your company, feel free to contact us.


Strategic Sourcing Case Studies, By Source One

Source One provides On-Demand Sourcing Solutions customized for each individual client’s needs.
Many clients choose to use Source One for only a portion of their Strategic Sourcing or Procurement initiatives, such as Benchmarking or Negotiation Services.

Our unique team of entrepreneurs allows us to deliver creative low-cost solutions to provide our clients with the highest possible value. Since 1992, Source One has successfully sourced hundreds of product categories and has produced hundreds of millions of dollars in savings.

Please take a moment to read some of our successes in strategic sourcing outlined in our cost reduction case studies and case summaries below:

Independent Third-Party Strategic Sourcing Case Study, by Outsourcing Journal:

“Like large enterprises, mid-size companies face continued rising prices, competitive and executive pressure to reduce costs, and regulatory pressure (Sarbanes-Oxley, for example) to improve visibility and control in their strategic sourcing total spend and supply chains.
Strategic sourcing improvements are now more than a priority; they’re a necessity for survival.”…. recently interviewed several Source One clients, on their “Focus on Procurement” piece in May of 2008.
Visit Outsourcing Journal to Read the Entire Story

Multi-Project Strategic Sourcing Full Case Study:

A $130 million global specialty coating company with locations in North America, Europe and Asia, engaged Source One Management Services, LLC to assist in the strategic sourcing of its indirect spend items. The organization was already operating with above average sourcing practices, and asked Source One to assist in areas where their internal resources were constrained. Collaborative and innovative approaches were required in each project category in order obtain best-in-class total value in procurement. Initially, the two companies focused on LTL freight, small parcel, telecommunications, and packaging.
Multi-Project Strategic Sourcing Case Study

Strategic Sourcing MRO Case Study:

Source One employed a unique strategy for each product category in order to create pricing leverage. A combination of the introduction of competition, utilization of strategic supplier relationships and extensive negotiations, Source One produced 14% annual savings in MRO spend.
Read the Full MRO Case Study Here

MPLS Cost Reduction Case Study:

Source One was engaged by one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers to assist in the negotiation and implementation of a major MPLS network. The project provided significant savings to our client.
Read the Full MPLS Case Study Here

Cost Reduction Strategic Sourcing Case Studies:

Source One has thousands of success stories outlining strategic sourcing projects that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of savings for our clients. Please visit our Case Summaries page for quick success “blurbs” from some of our more recent engagements.
Strategic Sourcing Project Summaries

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