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Source One and Corcentric’s Procurement and Finance change management services accelerate your time to value, ensuring smooth adoption and effective utilization of your organization’s new processes, tools, and technologies.

Now more than ever, successful organizations need to be agile, ready to adapt and modify their business or support model. These changes typically require the adoption of new processes, tools and technology solutions. However, maximizing the ROI of your change journey requires wide scale adoption by your employees and relevant external stakeholders. This may involve a shift in both mindset and capabilities – elements that are accelerated by the appropriate inclusion and communication with stakeholders throughout the change journey.

Proactively engaging and aligning employees and stakeholders with the to-be state is where change management comes into play.

Since 1992, Corcentric’s Advisory team of trained change management practitioners has supported clients in accelerating their change journey while ensuring that initiatives meet or exceed their target business outcomes.

Areas of expertise include:

Source One and Corcentric offer a variety of support models based on the scale of the organizational change at hand and your project-specific needs:

  • Advise – Corcentric provides consultation about the development and delivery of appropriate change management strategy.
  • Facilitate – Corcentric engages with client stakeholders to gather project requirements, design the change management plans and strategy, and delivers to the client for execution.
  • Lead – Corcentric develops the change management strategy, integrates activities with the project management team, and executes all plans on behalf of the client.

With Corcentric at your side, you can ensure your project:

  • Achieves its planned objectives
  • Is completed on time and within budget
  • Receives the forecasted return on investment (ROI)

For more information on change management in Procurement, Finance, and elsewhere in your business, please get in touch.

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