Specialized subject matter expertise to manage change in strategic sourcing

Change Management in Strategic Sourcing

Succesful Strategic Sourcing Requires Change Management

Strategic Sourcing Change Management

In support of your most complex category and sourcing projects, Corcentric’s change management services will ensure your implementation achieves your targeted outcomes.

Too often, procurement and sourcing teams develop and execute successful strategies and negotiate savings — yet contracts fail to deliver according to expectations. When this happens, results may include serious disruption across business units, projects failing to meet their original business case, and a need to embark on another change initiative to right the “wrongs”. From our experience, these shortcomings are typically the result of poor implementation post contract execution.

Since 1992, Corcentric’s sourcing consultants have been partnering with clients to deliver complex expense management projects that drive substantial savings, process efficiencies, and reimagined business models. Some of these projects require the oversight of a subject matter expert as part of the traditional sourcing process, but others involve deeper technical and behavioral change that needs a more detailed change management plan. Examples include:

  • Supplier consolidation
  • Transforming the way that a product or service is bought
  • Sourcing that supports new product or service implementations

The success or failure of a complex sourcing project is defined by the effectiveness of change management. For more information about our change management practice, and how Corcentric can help you deliver on the commitments made to your project stakeholders, please contact us.

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