Source One and Corcentric offer specialized technology change management services for Procurement

Change Management in Technology Transformation

Change Management Services for Successful Procurement Technology Transformation

Procurement Technology Measurement and Ongoing Support

Corcentric’s change management services will ensure your procurement technology project achieves the intended business outcomes by accelerating implementation timelines and increasing adoption and proficiency within your user community.

Has your Procurement department implemented the perfect technology solution, yet adoption is still lagging? Are your employees failing to utilize new tools, or struggling to develop the required skill sets? Worse, are you experiencing resistance to change altogether? Selecting and designing the perfect procurement technology solution is not enough. In order for widespread adoption to occur, users need to:

  • Understand why changes are being made and how these changes align with the corporate vision for Procurement
  • Accept the changes and embrace the future state
  • Possess the knowledge required to operate within the to-be state
  • Develop the skills to leverage new processes and technology
  • Perceive that incentives exist if they are to successfully adapt

Whether you are experiencing resistance to a solution already implemented, or planning a major technology transformation, Corcentric can provide your organization with the change management support needed to ensure smooth adoption and the achievement of your target business outcomes. We have decades of experience partnering with clients to implement eSourcing tools, contract management solutions, and full source-to-pay product suites. Enlist Corcentric’s Advisory team to develop and deliver a change management strategy that will:

  • Accelerate employee adoption
  • Increase solution utilization
  • Maximize user proficiency

You have invested valuable time and resources identifying the right procurement technology solution and planning out the implementation. Don’t risk the success of your project by leaving change up to chance. For more information, contact Corcentric’s Advisory team.

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