Facilities Management Cost Reduction

Take Charge of your Organization’s Facilities Maintenance & Management Spend

Facility maintenance spend covers a range of services, including plumbing, janitorial, landscaping, security, and more

The many moving parts of a comprehensive facilities maintenance & management strategy can tax a Procurement team. Corcentric has the expertise to lighten the burden on Procurement and powerful solutions to help teams manage this category more efficiently.

Facilities maintenance & management is a prime category for finding cost savings. Yet the inherent complexities and wide range of suppliers under the facilities umbrella are time-consuming to manage. Procurement teams may be too busy keeping the trains running to fully realize the savings potential hidden among janitorial, HVAC, security, and many other suppliers.

Further, cost cutting is complicated by concerns around safety standards and the comfort of your employees. For many organizations, this results in their paying a premium to their facilities maintenance suppliers.

Managing Facilities-Related Projects

Corcentric has extensive experience in resolving these common challenges faced by Facility Managers and Procurement teams. We understand that your facilities maintenance scope of work needs to be centered on high service to avoid disruptions at any level of operation. Our team of in-house strategic sourcing experts are versed in the latest technologies and trends in facilities management, and will use this market intelligence to develop the ideal program for your business’s needs.

Contact us to review your facility-related challenges. We can help in several ways:

  • Availability and Accuracy of Data
  • Base decisions on historical price points and trend data
  • Establish clear and concise continuous reporting
  • Process improvements around maintenance and repair records

Operational Cost Reduction

  • “Do more with less” by fully leveraging negotiating strengths in the market
  • Cut operational budgets and minimize capital expenditures
  • Create facility process efficiencies

Sourcing Strategy Development

  • Choose the right team for the job
  • Determine services to be performed in-house vs. through a partner
  • Better manage supplier selection and evaluation

Facility Maintenance Challenge: Supplier Management

  • Manage internal work vs. outsourced work
  • Establish and evaluate supplier SLAs and KPIs
  • Track compliance against pricing agreements

Asset Management

  • Maintain existing equipment longer
  • Determine the right mix of preventative maintenance and a break/fix scope of work
  • Plan equipment replacement decisions

Efficient Management of a Diverse Category

Our team of strategic sourcing experts will thoroughly analyze your baseline data and benchmark against the market. Our review covers everything from rates, price points, scope of work, staffing levels, and supplier performance, including service levels and key performance indicators. We will collaborate with your internal teams to ensure that efficiencies are achieved by consolidating scopes of work and providers, negotiating best-in-class agreements and pricing, and developing a rigorous continuous improvement program that will ensure sustainable results from your facilities maintenance suppliers going forward. All of our recommendations are customized to your specific needs, and include improving upon existing SOWs and identifying future requirements. We will work closely with your suppliers on new program implementation or enhancements to current programs.

Contact our Facilities Cost Reduction Team

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Facilities Maintenance Savings Drivers

Corcentric can achieve hard and soft dollar savings within your facilities maintenance budget through:

  • Accurate service and cost benchmarking
  • SOW development and implementation
  • Effective rate negotiations
  • Adept Supplier Relationship Management
  • In-depth spend analysis and contract management
  • Ongoing savings and compliance reporting


Corcentric has produced extraordinary solutions for a number of satisfied clients in the management of their facilities management spend over the past two decades, a sampling of whom can be viewed here:

Client Sampling

Facilities Management Category Expertise


  • Waste Management
  • Energy Plan Maintenance
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Window Washing
  • Janitorial Services & Supplies
  • Uniform & Industrial Rentals
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Food Services & Supplies
  • Landscaping & Snow Removal
  • Generator Maintenance
  • HVAC Maintenance & Supplies
  • Moving & Storage
  • Pest Control
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Security Services
  • Utilities
  • Security Systems Maintenance
  • Industrial Equipment Maintenance



MRO Sourcing Solutions

Corcentric also works with clients to identify savings within the MRO category as well. As with facility maintenance spend, the MRO category includes a diverse array of products and suppliers that can be difficult to manage – and provide great savings through strategic sourcing initiatives.

MRO Spend Management