Defining and Refining Procurement's Brand

Build Procurement’s Brand Identity

Build an Impactful Procurement Brand across the Enterprise

Build Procurement's Brand Identity

Source One can help build Procurement’s brand identity within your organization and equip you with the tools to promote and communicate the change vision across the enterprise.

Procurement’s role has evolved to serve a more strategic purpose within organizations.  However, as Procurement’s responsibilities grow, its perception remains largely focused on the tactical contributions such as continually meeting cost savings goals.  In reality, Procurement does much more than simply reduce costs to obtain savings. It supports organizational wide strategic initiatives, like rolling out new technologies, facilitating expansion into new markets, driving supplier innovation, and delivering competitive advantages through optimal supply chain processes.

While Procurement practitioners are well aware of their value-adding potential, it’s paramount for best-in-class Procurement teams to market this value to key stakeholder groups internally to build Procurement’s brand identity.

Selling the benefits of procurement – Defining Procurement’s Brand

As a true extension of your Procurement team, Source One doesn’t just provide a report on your current state with generalist recommendations.  We work with you to understand your Procurement goals, collaboratively develop a strategy, and implement any recommendations.  To put it simply, we not only show you how to sell the benefits of procurement and promote the change vision, we help you put it into action.  To make Procurement’s branding efforts sustainable, our team of Procurement Transformation experts will start by helping you build Procurement’s brand identity within the context of the Procurement function by:

Selling the benefits of procurement – Communicating Procurement’s brand across the enterprise

A brand can only be successful if it is both valuable and impactful, which ultimately means promoting Procurement’s brand outside the immediate function.  Establishing alignment with external business goals and organizational culture should be the top priority.  After building Procurement’s brand within the function, Source One will support the promotion of the brand across the organization by breaking down silos and creating the right narrative.  This translates to:

There is no magic recipe for creating a Procurement brand.  As an objective third-party with Procurement Transformation expertise and extensive market intelligence, Source One can provide a customized approach to make your Procurement brand work for you.  We understand the strength of your Procurement brand is directly associated with the experience of your audience, including your business stakeholders. Contact our Procurement Transformation experts to discuss how we can build an impactful brand today!

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