Construct a World-Class Procurement Team with Insights from Source One's New Series

Building a World-Class Procurement Organization

Source One's Guide to Building an Effective Procurement Organization

End-to-End Guide for Establishing a Procurement Team of the Future

Build a Procurement organization that will thrive and adapt throughout the new strategic era.

Transforming Procurement isn’t a matter of picking and choosing. Though every organization has its own priorities, a true, sustainable transformation will take each of Procurement’s pillars into account. Source One encourages this big picture thinking throughout Building an Effective Procurement Organization. The five-part whitepaper series looks at the steps businesses can take to optimize their approach to Procurement’s People, Metrics, Processes, Tools, and Role within the organization.

Optimize Procurement's Approach to PeoplePart 1 – People

Even in a rapidly-automating era, there’s no denying the importance of Procurement’s people. In the first installment of Building an Effective Procurement Organization, Source One offers tips for structuring, developing, and empowering Procurement professionals. Covering everything from operating models to organization-wide purpose, it should empower leaders to take a more hands-on approach and drive greater results.

Learn how Source One can enhance the skills and capabilities of your Procurement team.

Optimizing Metrics and Reporting for ProcurementPart 2 – Metrics

For Procurement to accept a seat at the executive table, the function has got to measure its performance and deliver a compelling report. Part 2 of this insightful whitepaper series dives into the data Procurement should gather and offers best practices for turning data into action.

Refine Procurement’s approach to metrics and reporting with Source One.

Part 3 – Processes

Improving the sourcing process from end-to-end can pay huge dividends for your organization. Examining each stage in the Strategic Sourcing cycle, Part 3 of Building an Effective Procurement Organization offers tips and best practices for everything from spend analysis to contracting.

Fine-tune Procurement’s processes for maximum efficiency.

Selecting and Implementing World-Class Procurement ToolsPart 4 – Tools

Procurement is eager to realize a digital transformation. Oftentimes, however, this enthusiasm can lead to confusion and procurement platform implementations plagued with false starts. Part 4 of the series looks at the technology landscape and advocates for a balanced, strategic approach to introducing new tools.

Employ best-fit tools to power Procurement’s growth.

Procurement's Role Within the OrganizationPart 5 – Role

Procurement’s success ultimately depends on its ability to engage the organization effectively. In the final segment of Building an Effective Procurement Organization, Source One offers insights for boosting Procurement’s perception and ensuring it functions as a valued, strategic ally.

Boosting Procurement’s Role 

Build an Effective Procurement Team with Source One


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Procurement Whitepapers

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