Boost Procurement with a Digital Strategic Sourcing Solution

Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Digital Procurement Transformation

Procurement Transformation

Optimizing Procurement isn’t just about technology. Build a world-class department means taking a hands-on approach to every pillar of Procurement. Our team doesn’t just focus on Procurement technology, but offers hands-on support for Procurement’s processes, people, and role within the organization.

Procurement Evolved

Digital Strategic Sourcing Solutions Optimize Procurement's Efforts

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Automate and improve Procurement processes with a digital Strategic Sourcing solution. 

Taking a strategic and proactive approach to sourcing is key to generating value and building a world-class business. Automating tactical processes and boosting visibility, the right digital strategic sourcing solution will improve your ability to identify and realize savings, build strong supplier relationships, and deliver on your objectives.

Make a Bottom-Line Impact with Digital Strategic Sourcing

Cutting-edge strategic sourcing solutions empower Procurement to do more than just run sourcing events. They enable organizations like yours to generate insights and take quick, decisive action by providing . . .

  • An uninterrupted flow of information at each stage in the sourcing process.
  • Integration between sourcing, supplier management, and data analytics.
  • Configurable and scalable modules to suit your growing business.
  • User-friendly interfaces to ensure quick adoption.


Implemented and leveraged strategically, a strategic sourcing solution can effectively pay for itself.  In addition to identified and realized savings, here are some of the benefits a strategic sourcing solution will provide.

  • Better visibility and transparency
  • More spend under management
  • Improved supplier performance and reduced risk
  • Reduced non-compliance from buyers and suppliers
  • Simplified, streamlined processes


Strategic Sourcing Solution Features

  • Project Management: Link sourcing processes from planning and execution to make project management as simple and low-risk as possible.
  • RFx Management: Design RFx documentation and execute high-visibility, high-value events of all types.
  • Bid Analysis and Awards: Dig deep into supplier responses to generate insights and make more informed decisions.
  • Strategic Sourcing Analytics: Build on efficiencies and address challenges with more insights into your Procurement team and its performance.

Maximize Savings and Bring Spend Under Control

Get the best of Procurement technology and expert advisory services with our Procurement as a Service (PaaS) offering.  We combine a cutting-edge S2P solution with consulting for each aspect of Procurement and category support for each dollar of your direct and indirect spend. Reach out to learn more.

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