Procurement Change Management

Procurement Change Management

Strategic Sourcing Produces Cost Reduction

See Savings Produced thru Strategic Sourcing
Low Cost Country Strategic Sourcing Services

Source One has been providing procurement solutions and strategic sourcing services to hundreds of businesses over three decades.

Implementing best practice processes in procurement leads to effective supplier management and decreased costs in the supply chain. Source One averages 18% savings across all spend categories and is able to achive savings over 97% of the time with your existing suppliers.

We also offer Low Cost Country Strategic Sourcing services, particularly when dealing with manufactured products. We can help you “near-shore” your operations even if you are seemingly hopelessly locked in with an overseas supplier. Identifying quality sources of supply in low cost countries is a daunting task for even the most experienced sourcing professional. Source One, and its partners have the on-demand resources to help.

Change Management Services for Procurement and the Supply Chain

Where are the opportunities to reduce your cost and enhance operational effectiveness?

Change Management focuses on planning and implementing major organizational and inter-organizational change including leadership, team development, measurement systems and communication strategies.

By improving the alignment between people, processes, technology and performance metrics, we have assisted clients in:

It helps to have a ‘marriage counselor’ when seeking to establish a sustainable collaborative relationship with your suppliers and customers. Unlike many other service providers, we do not leave you with an opportunity assessment report and assume the results will get implemented. Source One is involved with the process all the way through implementation and beyond. We will ensure that all internal and external parties and operational changes will go through the necessary steps to realize a successful initiative.

Procurement Change Management About Source One Management Services, LLC As the leading Procurement Service Provider in the Mid-Market, Source One has successfully implemented millions of dollars of measurable and tangible savings for our clients. Benefits to working with us include; process improvements, implementation of best practices, increases in employee and technical efficiencies and real savings opportunities.
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