Map your Procurement organization's relevance and effectiveness with the Source One Procurement Maturity Model

Procurement Maturity Assessment Services

Source One's Procurement Maturity Assessment Model - The Strength and Impact of Procurement


Maturity Assessment Services for Procurement

Source One has been helping Procurement organizations mature and increase their results and value since 1992. Let our Procurement Transformation advisors enhance your Procurement Maturity by addressing both Strength and Impact.

Companies understand the value of “Management Consultants” when it comes to organizational health and maturity. An objective third party with cross-industry insights into best practices is able to help you understand how well you are performing, and how you can improve those areas that need help. Procurement and Strategic Sourcing organizations need these insights if they are to sustainably increase their value and become true partners to the business.

But traditional Management Consulting  simply will not suffice for Procurement and Strategic Sourcing. Procurement organizations looking to mature need a partner who have actually been in their shoes, doing the daily work of Procurement and working from the ground up to transform the Procurement organization. Terms like “best-in-class”  that are the hallmarks of Management Consultants are effective in conjuring up a vision of an ideal state, but they are not immediately actionable. Is “best-in-class” always the answer? How is that really defined?  Procurement’s function is to serve the business and deliver value through purchasing and supply management – shouldn’t your Procurement goals and metrics be tied closely to your business, not just so some pie in the sky benchmarks?

The best place to start is by understanding your Procurement Maturity – and critically analyzing that Maturity against overall company and business goals.

That’s why the Procurement Transformation experts at Source One developed our Procurement Maturity Model – which examines your procurement organization’s strength and impact. Your Procurement organization must have not only the capability to throw a punch (strength), but also the ability to land that punch with enough force (impact). When Source One conducts its Procurement Transformation assessments, we critically analyze your procurement people, process, and technology through the lenses of strength and impact – understanding not only the infrastructure but the relevance of the Procurement organization.


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