Procurement Process Redesign

Procurement Process Redesign

Procurement Process Redesign Services and Procurement Operation Improvements

Procurement Process RedesignSource One’s process improvement consulting services can drive operational excellence not just internally, but throughout the entire supply chain, linking supplier management to customer value.

Source One can also drive significant cost savings and operational improvements to the supply chain by streamlining the procure-to-pay processes.


Through proven best practices that eliminate non-value adding functions and the introduction of efficient standardized processes such as empowered requisitioning and evaluated receiving companies have reduced the cost of procurement by 10, 20, even 50% or more.

Paperless, electronic procurement has the potential to reduce requisition-processing costs by 70% per order. Organizations utilizing Internet procurement automation report that, on average, the time required to process a purchase requisition was shortened by 50% to 70%. Control deficiencies were also addressed through these standardized practices and the shorter fulfillment cycles and improved purchase control allowed user organizations to adopt just-in-time procurement strategies, significantly reducing inventory carrying costs, warehousing, materials handling, obsolescence and shrinkage.

Our Procurement Process Redesign services assist companies in:

Increased control in purchasing activities provides greater visibility into demand and supply thereby eliminating uncertainty in downstream operations helping to optimize business performance throughout the enterprise.

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