How Healthy is Your Procurement Function?

Procurement Rapid Assessment

Procurement Assessment Services

Organizations cannot begin to treat their Procurement function without a thorough assessment of the function’s current state and capabilities. Source One’s decades of experience mean they’re perfectly equipped to embed themselves within Procurement, assess the function, and develop an actionable plan for optimization.

Procurement Maturity Assessment

Your treatment plan will vary based on Procurement’s maturity and status within the organization. If your organization leverages the function tactically, a treatment might focus on adopting a strategic approach to purchasing for the first time. More mature organizations might focus on introducing new tools or earning additional executive buy-in. Source One is equipped to evaluate the department against our Procurement Maturity Model. Our findings will provide the basis for our hands-on support services.

Assessing Procurement’s Current State

Savings Compliance Tracking

Reaching a world-class agreement with a supplier is just one step in producing savings and building a more strategic Procurement function. Source One offers informed, hands-on services to ensure vendors meet your requirements in the long-term. Our Savings Compliance experts will tailor your approach to spend management to cut down on non-compliance and maverick spend. After assessing compliance, they’ll do the hard work of enforcing it and empower your Procurement team to focus its efforts more strategically.

Assessing and Enforcing Savings Compliance

Opportunity Assessment Services

Analyzing and categorizing spend will only get Procurement so far. Leading organizations require the support of Procurement consultants who can turn spend data into actionable savings roadmaps. Source One’s provides this exact sort of support with their Opportunity Assessment Services. Armed with proprietary analytics technology, our team quickly collects spend data and identifies opportunities for making savings a reality. Put your spend data to work producing savings today.

Spend Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

Assess Your Organization's Approach to Procurement in Seconds

Quickly assess Procurement’s health, diagnose its pain points, and identify areas for improvement with our Procurement Health Rapid Assessment.

The Procurement function is like the human body. Its health and well-being depends on numerous, disparate pieces functioning in harmony. When symptoms are neglected or go un-diagnosed for extended periods, a small problem can quickly evolve into a full-blown illness.

Source One’s new Procurement Health Rapid Assessment tool makes it easy to give the function a quick pulse check.  Simply answer a set of questions and the tool provides a summary of Procurement’s current state. Analyzing each of the functions vital organs, the tool will help your organization take the first step toward treatment. Armed with its diagnosis, you’ll feel better prepared to refine Procurement and – if necessary – get it on the road to recovery.

It’s not enough to treat one component of Procurement. That’s why the Procurement Health Rapid Assessment tool looks into the function’s people, processes, technology, metrics, and role within the organization. This simple yet comprehensive overview brings Procurement’s symptoms to light and makes it possible to develop a truly effective strategy for making the department world-class.

While it’s no substitute for a holistic treatment plan, the Rapid Assessment tool is an easy, cost-free way to take Procurement’s temperature. Check it out below.

Assessing Procurement’s health can be a time-consuming process. Perhaps that’s why so many organizations adopt an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ policy when it comes to diagnosing and treating the function’s pain points. At Source One, our suite of assessment services ensure the process is as painless as  possible. Our support helps clients treat symptoms at their source and develop a healthier approach to Supply Chain Management.

Want a second opinion? Contact the Procurement doctors at Source today. Together we’ll ensure Procurement has a clean bill of health.

Download the Procurement Health Rapid Assessment Tool

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