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Procurement Transformation eBook


Procurement Transformation eBook

Want to kick-start a Procurement Transformation within your organization? Check out Source One’s eBook on the ever-popular subject. Including insights from a dozen Supply Chain thought leaders, Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives offers something for organizations at any maturity level.  Covering everything From processes, to tools, to professional development, it’s an essential resource for anyone looking to enter Procurement’s next strategic era.

Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives

Our Procurement Roadmapping Team Guides the Function Through its Strategic Transformation

Procurement Transformation and Roadmapping Services

Source One’s Procurement Roadmaps guide organizations to transformed Procurement and optimized operations. 

Supply Management practices and procedures have improved considerably over the last several years. That sounds great on paper, but it means that even high-performing organizations are often outdated when it comes to Procurement. To sustain their vision, outpace competitors, and deliver on their objectives – these organizations need to carry out a Procurement Transformation.

The journey to world-class Procurement is a long and complicated one. Without a clear, detailed map, Procurement may grow overwhelmed quickly or waste valuable resources speeding toward a dead end. That’s why Source One works closely with clients to develop Procurement Roadmaps. Armed with this resource, organizations can ensure their team is aligned on timing, prioritization, and roles throughout the life of a Transformation.

Assessing and Benchmarking Procurement 

Source One’s Procurement Roadmaps are not one-size-fits-all tools. In each client engagement, Source One’s team works to develop customized documents tailored to your organization’s unique pain points, capabilities, and strategic objectives. The process starts with a thorough assessment of Procurement’s current state. While some consultants might choose to focus on a single area, the Procurement Transformation experts assess the function in its entirety. They take a deep dive into each of Procurement’s pillars to understand its maturity and its role within your organization.

Designing the Transformation Roadmap

Source One’s assessment and recommendations are backed up by decades of experience and an unparalleled library of market intelligence. They know what a best-in-class Procurement unit looks like and they’re prepared to map the route that’ll take your business there. Though every Procurement Roadmap is different, each is designed to support Procurement in redefining its role and reaching its full potential.

      • Procurement’s Processes: In the old days, Procurement’s processes included purchasing and little else. True leaders now carry out a variety of processes to maximize value at each stage in the sourcing cycle. Source One’s Transformation Roadmaps help organizations like yours design, renew, enforce, and maintain world-class processes to produce world-class results.
      • Procurement’s People: Even in an era of evolving technologies, people are an essential piece of Procurement’s arsenal. Transformation Roadmaps from Source One provide the guidance necessary to segment your team effectively, drive stakeholder engagement, and establish adaptable programs for long-term talent development.
      • Procurement’s Tools & Technology: The best Procurement teams leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver on their objectives and serve the business as a whole. From simple eSourcing suites to robust Procure-to-Pay solutions, just about every organization counts on some piece of technology to deliver on their objectives. A Transformation Roadmap makes it easy to modernize your approach to Procurement tools and provide for your team’s ongoing education.
      • Procurement’s Metrics & Reporting: Organizations have always expected Procurement to produce savings, but its new, more strategic role calls for a new set of metrics and a new approach to reporting. Source One’s Procurement Roadmaps outline steps for defining which metrics matter, tracking them effectively, and delivering compelling reports.

Start your journey toward a more impactful Procurement function today. Reach out to Source One and ask about a Transformation Roadmap.


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