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Procurement Transformation eBook

Want to kick-start a Procurement Transformation within your organization? Check out Source One’s eBook on the subject. Including insights from a dozen Supply Management thought leaders, Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives offers something for organizations at any maturity level.  Covering everything From processes, to tools, to professional development, it’s a valuable resource for leaders looking to enter Procurement’s next strategic era.

Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives

Our Procurement Sustainability Support Makes Continuous Improvement a Cultural Imperative.

Procurement Sustainability and Continuous Improvement Services
Make Procurement Transformation more than a buzzword with Source One’s Sustainability and Continuous Improvement service offering.

It’s a misconception that Procurement can transform within the life of a single initiative. In reality, Procurement Transformation is an ongoing process that requires consistent effort and a sustainable system for the function’s continuous improvement. Source One’s Sustainability and Continuous Improvement consultants empower clients to carry out this process in the long-term.

Source One’s Procurement Transformation advisers begin by assessing the supply management function’s current state. Evaluating Procurement’s People, Processes, Technology, Metrics,  Supplier Relationships, and Role within the organization, they work with clients to redesign the function. Our Sustainability and Continuous Improvement services take these engagements even further. They equip organizations with everything they need to adapt with Procurement’s changing landscape.

Procurement Sustainability and Continuous Improvement Services:

  • Source One first instigates a cultural shift by encouraging clients to rethink their attitude toward Procurement Transformation.
  • Our approach streamlines down-stream activities and provides for their continued refinement.
  • Our Procurement Transformation team realigns the clients Procurement team to focus on value-adding activities and innovation.
  • We provide for Continuous Improvement by introducing new training programs tailored to Procurement’s evolving role.
  • Source One supports the selection and implementation of any technologies Procurement will need to carry out its Continuous Improvement.
  • Source One assists in implementing new risk policies and tools to ensure Procurement’s long-term sustainability and security.


Don’t just build a better Procurement function. Work alongside Source One’s Sustainability and Continuous Improvement consultants to put your organization at the forefront of Procurement’s strategic evolution. Reach out today to start changing the conversation without your business.


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