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Establishing a World-Class Procurement Organization

Today’s best-in-class procurement teams do much more than process POs and negotiate contracts. They’re enabling enterprise-wide strategies, facilitating supplier introduced innovation, managing global supply bases, and ensuring budgets are well-spent.  Achieving best-in-class status doesn’t happen overnight. It requires having all the pieces of the puzzle: the right org structure, processes, tools, and presence for your company’s unique needs. Knowing where to start in transforming a procurement organization or building one from scratch can be overwhelming; which is why Source One’s Procurement Transformation Consultants have put together a guide to help procurement leaders through the process. In Building an Effective Procurement Organization, our experts explore the core pillars of a supply management function and offer insights into the considerations for customizing a department that will support your organization well into the future.


End-to-End Guide for Establishing a Procurement Team of the Future

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Procurement Transformation Execution Will Bring the Function to the Next Level

Procurement Transformation Execution Services

Source One’s Procurement Transformation Execution services elevate the function to drive your organization forward. 

It’s one thing to plan for a Procurement Transformation. Executing a Procurement Transformation and meeting the function’s goals is another thing altogether. Plenty of Procurement Services Provider think it’s enough to provide recommendations and wish their clients good luck. Once they’ve outlined a plan for carrying out a Procurement Transformation, they leave the hard work of implementation and execution to their clients. Source One’s team of supply management experts is different. In addition to maturity assessments and roadmapping services, we offer Procurement Transformation Execution services to ensure your Procurement team reaches its full potential.

Procurement Transformation Execution from Source One

Source One’s Procurement Transformation team doesn’t stop at identifying opportunity. Working alongside your internal Procurement team, we see to it that you deliver on your key business objectives and establish a newly world-class approach to every component of Procurement. If we’ve included it on our Procurement Transformation roadmap, rest assured we can help you see it through.

  • Our Procurement Transformation Execution team will put Procurement’s new policies and processes to the test to ensure they’re serving your teams needs.
  • We’ll assist Procurement throughout the process of implementing and adopting new tools and technologies.
  • We’ll facilitate Procurement training throughout the organization to ensure compliance with Procurement’s new processes and effective use of its new tools.
  • Our Procurement Transformation Execution will oversee transitions into new supplier relationships, secure win-win agreements, and assist throughout on-boarding.
  • Our ongoing change management support will both provide for an effective Transformation Execution and establish a culture of continuous improvement.


That’s just a sampling of the Procurement Transformation Execution services we can provide your business. Each organization is different and so is each Procurement Transformation. Whatever your current state, needs, or objectives, Source One’s Procurement Transformation Execution team is prepared to deliver customized services.Stop talking about Procurement Transformation and start driving results with Source One’s Procurement Transformation Execution team.

Reach out today to elevate Procurement and pave the way for developing a competitive advantage and generating sustainable results.

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