Procurement Transformation Services for Medical Device Manufacturers

Procurement Transformation for Medical Device Manufacturers

Procurement Transformation Services


Building an Effective Procurement Team


The Procurement department of tomorrow produces more than just cost savings. They’re a conduit for supplier-introduced innovation, gaining a competitive advantage, and mitigating the nonstop risks associated with global supply chain operations. Knowing how to equip a Procurement department with the right team structure, tools, processes, and position within the greater organization can be overwhelming for even the most veteran Procurement Leader.  Source One’s Procurement Transformation experts have destilled decades of experience of streamlining procurement operations for clients into a whitepaper guide for determining the right fit organization structure and operating model of your Procurement department. Read through the five part series for insights into how to establish the team, tools, processes, and policies for your supply management organization.

End-to-End Guide for Establishing a Procurement Team of the Future

Guide to Establishing a World-Class Procurement Function 


Source One's Experts Streamline Procurement Operations for Medical Device Manufacturers

Procurement Transformation Support for Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical Device Manufacturers, elevate Procurement with Source One’s Procurement Transformation consultants. 

Medical Equipment and device manufacturers have faced increased competition for years. Low-cost options have flooded the market and Medical Device companies need to quickly identify solutions for driving down their own costs and optimizing their approach to Supply Chain Management. Source One’s Procurement Transformation services provide what these organizations need not only drive down costs, but build and retain a competitive advantage. Working alongside your internal Procurement team, we’ll take a strategic approach to optimizing each aspect of Procurement and preparing the function to evolve well into the future.

It’s not enough for Medical Device Manufacturers to reduce their cost of goods sold. Staying competitive in the long-term means assessing Procurement’s operations and developing an actionable plan to optimize the function. Source One’s spend managers are experts in the world of Medical Device Manufacturing. Crucially, they’re also well-versed in Procurement Transformation best practices.

Medical Device Manufacturing Expertise

Before committing to a full Procurement Transformation, let our Medical Device Manufacturing specialists optimize your spend profile within the category and lay the groundwork for building a competitive advantage.

  • Source One’s Medical Device specialists work with stakeholders and decision makers to implement purchase price variance and Value Analysis/Value Engineering cost reduction initiatives.
  • The Medical Device Procurement Transformation team will navigate the engineering-led landscape and provide sourcing expertise for all levels of manufacturing.
  • Our Medical Device experts will understand the various commodity groups and supplier types relevant to your organization. We’ll ensure you establish adaptable relationships with world-class providers and generate long-term strategic value.


Procurement Transformation Support for Medical Device Manufacturers

Once our direct materials and supplier relationship experts have optimized your spend profile, we’ll work with you the optimize the organization’s approach to Procurement. After all, a single cost reduction initiative won’t prepare you for next-generation Supply Chain Management.

  • First, we’ll align with your Medical Device organization’s Procurement team to assess its operations and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Next, we’ll design a Procurement Transformation roadmap designed to guide your organization in optimizing everything from Procurement’s processes to its training programs.
  • Then, we’ll work with Procurement to act on our recommendations and optimize Procurement’s approach to people, processes, technology and more.
  • We’ll also offer long-term monitoring and support to ensure your Medical Device company’s Procurement team continues to adapt and evolve with time.

Medical Device Manufacturers, reach out to Source One’s Procurement Transformation team to realize your full potential. We’ll optimize Procurement for today while ensuring you’ve got what it takes to maintain your competitive advantage – whatever the future holds.


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