Transform Procurement with New Tools and Technology

Procurement Transformation: Technology

End-to-End Procurement Transformation Services

Technology is just one piece of the puzzle. That’s why Corcentric offers end-to-end Procurement Transformation support that optimizes every aspect of your organization and supports it for the long-term. Learn more about our suite of services.

Procurement Organization Restructuring

Procurement teams need to grow alongside their organizations. Too often, sudden expansion or downsizing leaves Procurement department’s inefficiently or ineffectively staffed. Source One’s Procurement Transformation experts have the experience and market intelligence to establish a procurement department perfectly suited to the size, structure, industry, and goals of your company.

Procurement Assessment and Redesign

Supplier Relationship Management

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing initiatives shouldn’t conclude after you’ve identified suppliers. Trust Source One’s Supplier Relationship Management experts to establish programs than ensure long-term ROI from your Procurement efforts. They’ll develop systems for proactively assessing and optimizing supplier relationships. With these in place, your Strategic Sourcing campaigns should exceed expectations and lead to fruitful, long-lasting collaboration.

Vendor Optimization Consulting

Procurement Staffing Solutions

Source One’s Procurement experts offer a variety of on-site, off-site, and hybrid solutions to supplement or replace your current sourcing team. Thanks to decades of cross-industry experience, we can suggest Procurement, Supply Management, and Strategic Sourcing talent that is fully flexible to your company’s unique needs and culture.

Sourcing Recruitment and Staffing


Transform Procurement and the Entire Organization with Technology

Transforming Procurement's Approach to Technology

Optimize Procurement by transforming the function’s approach to tools and technology. 

Procurement groups everywhere are eager to realize a digital transformation. Struggling groups believe the right Procurement solution will provide the boost they need to win over stakeholders in the executive suite and accept a new more strategic role. Leading Procurement groups know that the right tool will empower them to do even more.

Easier said than done. The Procurement technology landscape is constantly changing. Even the most effective organizations find it challenging to begin a digital transformation, let alone see one through. Corcentric’s Procurement Technology Transformation team has what you need to close knowledge gaps, eliminate obstacles, and reap the benefits of a digitally-empowered business.

How Can We Transform Procurement’s Technology?

Remember, even the best Procurement solution is only an enabler. Consider leveraging Corcentric’s full suite of Procurement Transformation services to ensure your new solution delivers a quick ROI and sustains your business into the future. Reach out today to learn more about our truly holistic approach to Procurement Transformation. Together, we’ll take your organization into a new era.

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