Make Procurement a Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence

Strategic Sourcing Center Of Excellence

Source One's Procurement team will establish a Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence within your organization.

Center of Excellence for Procurement

Procurement’s old policies and processes are no longer enough. Leading companies require a Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence that’ll produce more than savings.

In every industry, leading organizations are embracing the value of more strategic, proactive Procurement teams. Capable of much more than analyzing purchase orders and expediting shipments, today’s Procurement departments drive cross-departmental collaboration and company-wide change. Practicing Strategic Sourcing is just the start. As Procurement professionals become increasingly critical to their company’s success, the best are embedding themselves within Strategic Sourcing Centers of Excellence.

A Traditional Procurement Department:

  • Tactical and reactive in nature, these Procurement professionals think in the short-term.
  • They give Procurement a bad name by driving out costs at all costs.
  • These groups focus on maintaining Procurement’s processes and promoting compliance.
  • Employing a one-size-fits-all approach, these Procurement teams resist innovation and customization.


A Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence

  • These Procurement professionals take a strategic and proactive approach to their purchasing.
  • Focused on far more than costs, Strategic Sourcing Centers of Excellence look to drive value beyond savings.
  • Procurement teams operating as Centers of Excellence encourage cross-department collaboration.
  • In a Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence, Procurement teams strive for constant innovation as they drive company-wide goals.


A Center of Excellence itself, Source One understands that departments transform into Strategic Sourcing Centers of Excellence only by mastering a number of complex functions. With Source Ones’ help, clients better develop systems for each of the following:

Category Management:

  • Source One’s Procurement team has category management expertise in areas such as IT, Telecom, and Marketing.
  • Our years of market intelligence inform Category Management plans for more accurate forecasting.
  • Category Management encourages collaboration between Procurement and other departments within an organization.


Supplier Relationship Management:


Strategic Sourcing:

  • We’ll enable you to assess all areas of direct and indirect spend.
  • Our Procurement experts will design RFX documentation tailored to your needs.
  • Together we’ll develop sourcing processes capable of reducing both short and long-term costs.


Project Management:

  • We’ll arm you with the people and processes necessary to see savings initiatives through.
  • Our Strategic Sourcing consultants will encourage engagement from all departments throughout the life of a project.
  • With auditing services from Source One, your Procurement team will better understand performance.


Source One offers the tools and skills needed to supplement supply chain during its transformation or to stand in as an outsourced Supply Chain Center of Excellence.

Build a Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence

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Procurement Transformation Advisory Services

Since 1992, Source One has excelled at transforming its clients’ Procurement function. With our assistance, even the most tactical of purchasing teams can grow into Strategic Sourcing Centers of Excellence. Looking to take the next step in evolving your Procurement team? Consider a transformation initiative powered by the Strategic Sourcing leaders.

Procurement Auditing Services

It’s impossible to align Procurement with company-wide strategy without visibility into the department’s spend, technology, supplier contracts, and operations. Source One’s Strategic Sourcing experts can help by conducting a thorough audit of your Procurement department. Identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve operating efficiency, and better negotiate with suppliers.

Assessing Procurement’s Value

Procurement Process Redesign

Non-value adding functions can limit Procurement’s efficiency and lead companies to miss out on opportunities for cost reduction. Procurement Process consulting from Source One can encourage operational excellence both internally and throughout the entirety of your supply chain. They’ll leverage years of Procurement best practices to automate purchasing, electronically enable your supply chain, and improve collaboration across departments.

Procurement Process Improvements

Procurement Organization Assessment

Procurement teams need to change in size alongside their organizations. Mergers or downsizing can leave Procurement teams inefficiently or ineffectively staffed. Source One’s Procurement Organizational Redesign team can assess your organization to help develop a right-sized, optimally staffed Procurement department. With their help, you’ll enjoy the full value-adding potential of a Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence.

Procurement Organizational Redesign

Procurement Best Practices

A Procurement Services Provider since 1992, Source One has built a repository of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing best practices. Their expertise will enable companies in any industry to encourage efficiency and uncover opportunities for cost savings. Call the industry-leading consultants today to begin building a Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence today.

Procurement Insights and Expertise

Procurement Transformation Insights

The Strategic Sourcing consultants are recognized throughout their industry as experts in Procurement Transformation. They’ve published their insights in a whitepaper aimed at helping clients determine how and when to go about changing their Procurement operations. Develop a Strategic Sourcing Center of Excellence with the help of this valuable thought leadership.

Procurement Transformation Guide