Purchasing Process Improvements

Purchasing and Payable Improvements and Automation

Purchasing & Payables processes can run amok. Corcentric offers right-sized solutions.

Corcentric’s advisory team identifies and executes on opportunities to automate and improve purchasing processes so you can focus on strategic activities.

Effective Procure-to-Pay solutions rely heavily on efficiencies, and manual processes during your purchasing can increase cycle-time, limit overall procurement capabilities, and create the opportunity for error, only adding to inefficiencies. Daily operations and other company initiatives can distract from these inefficiencies, ultimately causing complacency with outdated or ineffective purchasing processes. Corcentric can help with procurement process automation and improve on current processes and tools, such as PO acknowledgement, catalog items, and invoice reconciliation, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives that can lead to improved spend management, discount and savings opportunities, and overall increased productivity.

Purchasing & Payables

Many stakeholders aren’t comfortable approaching procurement for fear of being forced into laborious or inefficient processes. Ensuring end users, whether business units or partners, get on board means guaranteeing both ease and efficiency.

The procurement lifecycle, and specifically the Procure-to-Pay process, relies on efficiencies at each step in the process to enable a smooth and seamless delivery to the end user. However, the perception of bureaucracy often causes our business partners to work outside of procurement. If it isn’t simple and efficient to purchase goods or services, what is the point?

Manual processes can be one of the largest contributor to inefficiencies and increased cycle time. The right tools can eliminate or dramatically reduce many of the manual processes that take up a team’s time, such as managing procurement events (full scale RFx for most purchases), PO creation, or invoice reconciliation. Yet the right solution may not always be evident.

The Right Tools, the Right Solutions

Corcentric has the right tools and experts to not only solve today’s process inefficiency pains, but identify potential future pitfalls and eliminate them before they disrupt operations. We build out the right procurement process and introduce the right sourcing tools and platforms for your team. While we are happy to offer our platform and services, we remain tech agnostic to guarantee the best platform or software for your organization. These tools along with the right training and a consultative, collaborative approach assure your needs are addressed properly.

Roadmap Development

  • Create project goals and deadlines together to reach your desired end-state
  • Flexibility to adjust goals and roadmap based on needs – no one size fits all solution

Full Source-to-Pay, P2P, and AP Automation Tools

  • Guided Buying and Catalog solutions to enhance buying capabilities and speed and ensure use of preferred suppliers
  • E-Purchase Orders and Automatic Approval routing and workflows
  • Paperless Invoicing and B2B Transactions to eliminate snail mail and manual transactions

ERP Integration

  • Integration available for most ERP systems to avoid any disruption in current operations
  • Seamless workflows and transitions

Training and Webinars

After Corcentric develops a roadmap and plan for your organization, we will work with you to reach an ideal Purchasing end state developed and defined together. With the right fix, the future will see your organization tackling complex, strategic initiatives, no longer having to worry about manual processes prone to mistakes. A streamlined purchasing process will see your stakeholders and BUs comfortable and no longer working outside of Procurement’s influence.

Our experts have cross-functional and cross-industry knowledge, working with a wide range of clients in different geographical regions, so we understand specific needs and requirements. Experts across each of our core service offerings come together to design, implement, and operate the right solution to solve any procurement needs.

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