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As business demands evolve, IT Procurement professionals face pressure to promote efficiency and deliver cost savings. Finding innovative ways to produce value and gain a competitive edge requires smart IT Procurement with software asset management (SAM) intelligence.

If you’re re-negotiating a software license renewal, true-up or declaration, or facing a software vendor audit, talk to the software asset management intelligence experts at Source One. Our SAM Intelligence advisors are here to help you gather the right information so you can enter software negotiations from an informed position.

How Source One’s SAM Intelligence Experts help you

We believe that every business should spend their software budget wisely and avoid wasting money on software they don’t need. We also believe that tools and internal resources alone are not enough to drive software license negotiations or to help you identify cost savings and areas of potential audit risk for your business.

We empower Procurement by combining proprietary technology, in-depth software vendor licensing knowledge (through our large team of SAM Intelligence vendor specialists), and proven processes to provide accurate software asset management intelligence.

Our easy-to-implement SAM Managed Services mean your Procurement team doesn’t need specialized software asset management tools or licensing expertise.  We do all the hard work for you. This includes collecting inventory and entitlement data, analyzing and transforming the data, and providing Procurement with actionable information through our reporting portal. You can access accurate IT & Software Asset Management (ITAM & SAM) intelligence and actionable analytics within 6 weeks of on-boarding to our SAM Managed Service.

Easy-to-use dashboards provide all key stakeholders in your business (not just IT Procurement), with reports on financial exposure, software and hardware environments, software publishers, security, and opportunities for cost savings and risk reduction. It enables them to make informed decisions on the use, management, and purchase of software licenses for both on-premises and cloud applications.

How Source One Customers Can Benefit from Accurate SAM Intelligence

Key benefits of the ITAM & SAM managed service include:

To learn more about Source One’s Software Asset Management Services, contact our ITAM & SAM specialists today!

SAM Intelligence Services Expertise

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SAM Intelligence & Cost Reduction Case Studies

Source One’s ITAM & SAM Managed Services allow companies to minimize risk and maximize value so their IT investments go further.  Here are some examples of software cost savings we have achieved for our customers:

Software can represent a large portion of the IT budget.  Below is a sample set of SAM Managed Service offerings Source One offers to help you align your IT investments with business needs:

Smart IT Procurement Guide

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