Supplier Performance Management

Supplier Performance Management

Supplier Performance Management and Governance Services by Source One

Supplier, Vendor, and Third Party Performance Management Services

Take control of your supply chain performance by strengthening your governance and enhancing supplier accountability.

Once a supplier has been sourced and contracted to provide a particular service, consistent supplier relationship management (SRM) ensures costs and activities follow contract terms and that key performance indicators are met in terms of quality and service. As SRM programs represent an investment of time and resources, Source One provides the expertise and resources to assess your current operations in developing a program that addresses your specific needs and goals.

Our three-phased approach includes:

I – Assessment

Through an initial assessment of suppliers and department operations, Source One can identify pain points as well corporate goals relating to what you want to derive from your vendors on a qualitative and quantitative basis.

Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Review supplier contracts, SOWs, SLAs, and KPIs versus industry best practices
  • Map processes to evaluate specific activities including supplier performance versus industry standard or contracted obligations
  • Design dashboards/scorecards
  • Identify vendors deficiencies and determine development of specific skills/capabilities
  • Create the business case for the supplier relationship program to gain buy in for executive management and sponsorship

II – Integration

After determining your baseline of operations and long-term strategic goals, Source One works with your team to redefine processes, tools and procedures in managing and executing a customized SRM program.

Source One can help you:

III – Maintenance

Once an SRM program is established, Source One can ensure it remains on track and that suppliers are added or removed based on changing business goals or terms and as contracts are renegotiated or adjusted.

To ensure the SRM program continues to run effectively, we can:

  • Track key SLAs/metrics
  • Implement and monitor process improvements and/or cost savings
  • Manage change control processes
  • Manage critical governance and partnership meetings
  • Evaluate program against changing corporate operations or strategies

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