Implement Your P2P Solution Effectively with Digital Procurement Training and Adoption

Digital Procurement Training and Adoption

Comprehensive Procurement Support

In addition to a sophisticated, scalable Procure-to-Pay solution, we offer a suite of consultative services to ensure clients make the most of their digital procurement investments. This comprehensive approach to digital procurement transformation sets us apart from providers who offer technology or advisory services.

Procurement Transformation Roadmapping

For decades, our team of Procurement and Supply Management specialists has helped redefine what it means to operate a world-class organization. What’s more, we have helped organizations across a variety of industries to take a more effective and innovative approach to every aspect of Procurement.  Even the most comprehensive initiative has to start somewhere. Start your Procurement Transformation with a detailed, actionable roadmap from the industry leaders.

Procurement Optimization Roadmap

Training and Talent Development

The same tried and true Procurement training programs and materials won’t work forever. Next-generation results demand a next-generation approach to recruiting, developing, and retaining talent. Trust our industry-leading team to capitalize on what you’re doing effectively and introduce strategies for filling in your talent gaps.

Procurement Training Support

Digital Procurement Training and Adoption Support Ensures a Smooth Implementation and Quick ROI

Training and Adoption for Digital Procurement Solutions

Procurement solutions are only as effective as the people clicking the mouse. Our training and adoption services ensure your entire team goes from novice to expert as quickly as possible.

Your Procure-to-Pay suite can’t serve your business on its own. Even the world’s best solutions are no good without a team of well-informed end users to leverage them. That’s why Source One’s offers digital procurement training and adoption to support. With Source One’s help, you’ll build a team full of experts, generate a quick ROI, and reach Procurement’s full tech-enabled potential.

Digital Procurement Training for Every Business

  • Instructor-Led: Source One’s spend management experts will train users on how to best employ our solutions through lectures and hands-on workshops. Clients can choose between both on-site and virtual training sessions.
  • Train-the-Trainer: Organizations with in-house digital procurement expertise might prefer train-the-trainer sessions. Source One’s experts will spend time on-site, work with stakeholders, and prepare them to train your end users.
  • Reference Guides: Source One offers clear, desk-side reference guides for organizations that are getting started with a P2P solution, upgrading, on-boarding new end users, or just looking to keep their team in-the-know.
  • Online Tutorials: From comprehensive training programs to quick refreshers, Source One offers online digital procurement adoption tutorials. Whatever your needs and objectives, these make it easy to train your Procurement team anytime, anywhere.
  • Webinars:  Source One’s digital procurement training and adoption webinars provide your end users with quick, high-level overviews of our solution and its various modules.


Source One’s proven, role-based digital procurement training programs ensure you get the most possible value from your solutions. Whether you opt for standard programs or custom-built adoption support, you’ll gain the skills you need to thrive in Procurement’s digital future. Everyone learns differently and every organization will approach Procurement differently. Source One is prepared to tailor each aspect of their digital procurement training and adoption services to suit your unique profile. Reach out to learn more.

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