Source One Empowers Procurement to Serve as a Leader Following Mergers and Acquisitions

Post-Merger Procurement Support

Post-M&A Procurement Services and Case Study

Post-M&A Procurement Support Ensures the Function Leads the Business Through Times of Change

Post-M&A Support for the Procurement Function

Empower Procurement to drive innovation and take the business into a new era with Post-M&A Procurement Support. 

Following a merger or acquisition, your organization is aimed at generating sustainable results, delivering on synergies, and establishing a stronger, more cohesive organization. All of this more easily done when Procurement plays a leading role in the effort. Luckily for you, the integration and post-merger period provides a valuable opportunity to enhance Procurement’s image.

Throughout this period, employees are more open to change, suppliers are eager to rewrite their agreements, and shareholders are more willing to accept early investments. Altogether, the situation means Procurement is poised to align itself with stakeholders to gain momentum and earn sponsorship. Source One’s Post-Merger Procurement Support team optimizes each of these processes. With our support, Procurement addresses integration challenges with ease and secures itself a position at the executive table.  We’ve got the experience and spend management expertise you need to ensure Procurement not only distinguishes itself as a leader, but maintains its momentum well into the future.

Integration and Post-Merger Procurement Support

Organizations make the most of integration and post-merger activities when Procurement is empowered with:

The Post-Merger and Integration support team at Source One have what it takes to:

Is your organization embroiled in a merger, acquisition, or period of integration? Don’t miss your chance to elevate Procurement and empower it to play a new role within the business. Reach out to Source One today for Post-Merger and Integration support today. Together, we’ll build a next-generation Procurement function capable of taking your business into a new generation.



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