The Strategic Sourcing Experts Identify and Implement Procurement Technologies

Procurement Technology Advisory Services

Source One's Procurement Technology Advisory team helps clients identify and implement solutions to support Procurement's efforts.

Procurement Technology Advisory Services from Source One

Source One’s Procurement Transformation Advisory services present Procurement with an end-to-end solution for selecting, implementing, and optimizing best-fit technological solutions.

The Procurement technology landscape is constantly changing. Even mature Procurement departments can find it challenging to navigate the Procurement market, assess their options, and make truly strategic decisions.  To complicate matters further, more and more software developers are steering away from the consultative space. This means Procurement is on its own when it comes to digitizing their operations in the long-term. Source One’s expert Procurement Technology consultants are prepared to close this gap and change the way our clients think about Procurement solutions.

End-to-End Procurement Technology Support


Whatever your Procurement Technology needs, trust Source One’s dedicated team to support your efforts and help you align Procurement’s people, processes, and tools for maximum strategic impact.


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Procurement Technologies

In addition to supporting our clients in their search for the ideal Procurement solutions, Source One’s team of Strategic Sourcing consultants have developed proprietary Procurement technologies to better serve our clients. Designed by Procurement professionals, for Procurement professionals, these tools offer the fit-for-purpose support that similar tools often cannot. Better yet, they are among the lowest-cost, lowest-risk solutions available to today’s Procurement groups.


The process of spend analysis is a complicated, often time consuming one. Too often, Procurement professionals address this process by adding further complexity. Source One’s proprietary spend analysis tools reduces this complexity and makes it easy for Procurement to take a deep dive into historical spend across all direct and indirect categories. Additionally, the tool’s opportunity assessment calculator arms Procurement with much more than spend analytics software. Leveraging Source One’s years of cross-category experience, the platform quickly and efficiently develops actionable roadmaps for reducing costs and promoting efficiency across the supply chain. This keeps Procurement from getting bogged down in over-analysis and ensures the department realizes its savings goals.

Rapid, Low-Cost Spend Analysis


When software developers create Procurement solutions, they typically do so with their own wants and needs in mind. Historically, that has forced Procurement departments to contend with tools that offer unnecessary and complicated features. That’s why we created WhyAbe back in 2005. The lowest-cost eSourcing tool on the market, WhyAbe makes it easy for Procurement teams to connect with suppliers in efficient, transparent sourcing events. Whatever your cost reduction goals, the platform makes it simple to conduct reverse auctions, RFIs, and other events. It also provides Procurement with simple-to-use tools for managing contracts and overseeing their team. Suppliers, too, will enjoy how WhyAbe supports their efforts. Cataloging goods and services and bidding on sourcing events as never been simpler.

eSourcing Made Simple