A Full Suite of Procure-to-Pay Support Services

Procure-to-Pay Support Services

Procure-to-Pay Advisory Services and Procurement Consulting

In addition to end-to-end P2P support, our team offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services to organizations like yours.  Here’s just a sample.

Procurement Transformation Support

For years, our team of consultants has helped organizations of all sizes transform Procurement. Leveraging our years of experience and deep knowledge of industry best practices, we empower even laggard businesses to optimize each aspect of their Procurement function and generate sustainable value.

Elevating Procurement

Supplier Relationship Management

Like any relationships, your organization’s relationships with its vendors require consistent attention and care. We’re prepared to provide the support you need to stop holding suppliers at arm’s length and start making them valued business partners.

Vendor Relationship Services

Spend Analysis Support

You can’t generate savings and elevate Procurement if you don’t have insights into your organization’s spend profile. Our spend management and data analysis experts will take a deep dive into your spend and empower you to identify both quick-win and long-term opportunities.

Analyzing Corporate Spend 

Category Management Services

What’s the next step for leading Procurement units? Becoming a dedicated Category Manager. Our team will help you make Procurement a valuable business partner capable of optimizing spend in every category – even tricky categories like IT, Marketing, and HR.

Category Management Support

End-to-End P2P Support Services

Full-Suite Procure-to-Pay Support Services

In addition to a cutting-edge P2P solution, we offer a full suite of support services designed to guarantee a quick and sustainable ROI.

Procure-to-Pay Needs Assessment

You can’t go to market for a Procure-to-Pay platform if you don’t know what to look for. A P2P Needs Assessment helps your organization gain a better sense of what it’s doing well and where it can stand to improve. During this stage, organizations identify capabilities gaps and begin to outline their target business objectives. With these established, they can confidently select a best-fit Procure-to-Pay solution.

Procure-to-Pay Selection

The Procure-to-Pay market is often overwhelming. There’s a host of solutions out there and – on paper, at least – they can all look basically similar. Demos don’t always help the decision making process. With an expert team to support the Procure-to-Pay selection process, you’ll see past the sales pitch and make a selection that supports both your short and long-term supply chain goals.

Procure-to-Pay Implementation

The implementation process is where many Procure-to-Pay initiatives fall apart. Don’t let your investments go to waste – partner with our P2P experts throughout the implementation process. Serving as project managers, our advisers will provide for effective communication and a quick, sustainable ROI.

Procure-to-Pay Change Management

You can’t just introduce a P2P suite and hope for the best. The process of adjusting and adapting is a long and often difficult one. Our P2P change management support team will develop process guides and training tools to encourage your entire organization manages these changes as effectively as possible.

Procure-to-Pay Ongoing Support

Some solution providers take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach – not us. We offer ongoing support to ensure your P2P solutions are effective and valuable in the long-term. Need to adjust your target business objectives? We’ll help you do that and get back on the right track.

Elevate Procurement with a P2P Solution

Don’t settle for providers who only support one or a few stages in the Procure-to-Pay process. Work alongside our team to ensure your organization makes a strategic selection, realizes an effective implementation, and generates hard and soft dollar value well into the future.  We’ll leverage our knowledge of Procurement best practices and our unparalleled insight into the Procure-to-Pay market to elevate your Procurement function. Reach out today to learn more.

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