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Take a deep dive into the pillars of Procurement that will take your spend management function from a cost cutting department to a strategic advisor for the enterprise. In the Building an Effective Procurement Organization, Source One’s experts weigh in on the considerations for Procurement’s People, Metrics, Processes, Tools, and Internal Role that are necessary for evolving the supply management function.

End-to-End Guide for Establishing a Procurement Team of the Future

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Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives Series

Procurement Transformation. Supply management publications and sourcing providers are buzzing with the phrase Procurement Transformation, but what does it actually mean? Does procurement transformation mean entirely reorganizing your entire procurement department from top to bottom? With the help of industry thought leaders, Source One explore the inception of Procurement Transformation, setting the right mindset for a transformation initiative, how to approach each pillar of Procurement, and setting the initiative up for sustainable success.

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Read the Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives Whitepaper Series

Source One's Procurement Technology Advisers Provide Contract Management Software Selection Support

Technology Advisory Support for Contract Management Software

Select a best-fit Contract Management solution with the help of Source One’s Procurement Technology advisers.

Effectively managing contracts is an essential step in establishing a world-class Procurement function. Even in Supply Management’s strategic era, however, many organizations take a dangerously hands-off approach.  These bad habits leave Procurement dealing with far more than clutter and confusion. Poor Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) can lead to missed deadlines, misplacement  of crucial documents, or staying locked into inefficient agreements with suppliers.

Procurement doesn’t have to go it alone when it comes to storing and managing its documents. The right Contract Management platform can supplement manual efforts and simplify Procurement’s processes for establishing contract terms, enforcing compliance, and adapting agreements to internal and external changes.  By automating certain tactical processes, Contract Management tools even free up time for Procurement to focus on evolving strategically and carrying out more high-value processes.

How Does a  Contract Management Platform Benefit Procurement?


It’s hard to overstate the potential benefits of a Contract Management solution. Navigating the provider landscape, however, often proves overwhelming for Procurement. Selection and Evaluation services from Source One’s Procurement Technology advisers make it possible for even under-experienced teams to make the most strategic possible selections.

Why Trust Source One to Evaluate and Select Contract Management Tools?

  • We’re experienced: Source One’s software selection consultants boast decades of experience. We are familiar with contracting best practices and know what differentiates a world-class Contract Management platform.
  • We’re focused: Procurement technology selection and evaluation isn’t just an area of expertise for Source One’s team – it’s our business. Every component of our service offering aims to optimize Procurement’s performance and pair them with solutions like best-fit Contract Management platforms.
  • We’re collaborative: Source One’s Contract Management solution experts treat clients as partners. Rather than extolling the virtues of a preferred platform, we look for opportunities to work together and identify solutions tailored to Procurement’s unique needs and objectives.
  • We’re knowledgeable: Source One’s Procurement Technology team is intimately familiar with the  Contract Management supplier landscape. Clients trust us to select best-fit providers and world-class Contract Management solutions.


Selecting Procurement technology doesn’t have to be a challenge. With Source One’s advisers, its easy for organizations to identify the Contract Management platform they need. Reach out today to join us on the journey to an optimized organization.

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