Evaluation and Selection Services for eSoucing Platforms

eSourcing Software Selection

Source One's Procurement Technology Advisers Help Clients Evaluate and Select Best-Fit eSourcing Platforms

eSourcing Solution Evaluation and Selection Services

Conduct efficient, transparent sourcing events with the right eProcurement platform. 

The advent of eSourcing platforms was a milestone for Procurement professionals. Automating and optimizing a number of critical processes, eSourcing tools have helped set the stage for Procurement’s ongoing strategic evolution. Empowered with a best-fit eSourcing platform, Procurement organizations can dramatically boost both the efficiency and the results of their efforts.

What are the Benefits of an eSourcing Solution?

  • Reduced maverick and off-contract purchasing.
  • Reduced costs throughout the sourcing process.
  • Deeper RFP analysis enabled through new variables.
  • Improved compliance to contracts.
  • Better collaboration with suppliers.
  • Improved spend visibility into indirect and direct categories.
  • Access to market insights and supplier information.
  • Process improvements.


The benefits of an electronically-enabled Procurement function are practically limitless. With so many eSourcing solutions available, organizations can find it difficult to select the platform best suited to their unique needs. Source One’s Procurement Technology advisers support the Evaluation and Selection process for organizations looking to make an eSourcing decision. They boast the experience and supply chain technology expertise to guide the process and ensure you maximize Procurement’s return on investment. Whether you’re in the market for a simple online ordering platform a full-scale source-to-pay platform, Source One is prepared to lend a hand.

Why Trust Source One’s Team for eSourcing Platform Selection?

  • They’re experienced: Source One’s software selection and evaluation team boasts decades of experience. They know what separates world-class organizations and world-class Procurement solutions from the pack.
  • They’re focused: Selecting Procurement technology isn’t just an area of expertise for Source One – it’s their business. Every component of their service offering aims to boost clients’ performance by pairing them with best-fit tools.
  • They’re collaborative: Source One’s eSourcing solution experts treat clients as partners. Rather than lecturing clients on eSourcing best practices, they look for opportunities to work together and identify best-fit eProcurement solutions.
  • They’re knowledgeable: Source One’s Procurement Technology team is intimately familiar with the eSourcing provider landscape/ Clients trust them to navigate the market, select best-fit suppliers, and provide for process improvements.


Transaction time and accuracy can have a real impact on the outcome of an organization’s sourcing efforts. Implementing the right eSourcing tool can streamline processes and reduce transaction times to ensure Procurement delivers on its goals and communicates its value across the organization. Source One eSourcing Selection specialists will ensure Procurement gains the executive support necessary to introduce new tools and employ them effectively in the long-term.

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