What Does Your Procurement Team Need in a Spend Analysis Tool?

Spend Analytics Software Selection

Spend Analytics Supplier Selection and Software Evaluation

Spend Analytics Software Selection Advisory

Assess spend analytics solutions, evaluate software providers, and make the most strategic selection for your Procurement team.  

Spend visibility is at the heart of Procurement’s strategic value. Without insights into how, where, and why money is spent, Procurement teams cannot behave strategically and act on cost reduction opportunities. The right spend analysis solution combines multiple sources of spend data to provide Procurement with a user-friendly interface for diving into its historical purchases and paves the way for acting on savings opportunities.

Source One’s  Procurement Technology advisers know that not all spend analysis tools are created equal. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to assessing your organization’s unique needs and work directly with stakeholders throughout the organization to help you make the most impactful decision possible.

Why Should You Trust Source One to Select Your Spend Analytics Tool?


  • We’re experienced: Collectively, our consultants have spent decades in the Procurement space. We know what a world-class function looks like and we know what solutions they leverage.
  • We’re focused: Procurement technology isn’t just an area of expertise for us – it’s our business. Every component of our service offering is geared toward empowering Procurement teams to perform as effectively as possible.
  • We’re supplier agnostic: Though we’ve certainly built relationships with solutions providers over the years, we don’t play favorites when it comes to recommendations.
  • We’re collaborative: Source One’s spend analytics experts treat clients at partners.  Rather than providing lectures on the spend analysis solutions out there, we look for opportunities to learn from our clients and work together on building a more effective function.
  • We’re knowledgeable: Our Procurement technology team knows the spend analytics provider landscape inside and out. You can trust our team to pair you with a provider that’ll meet your unique needs and serve as an effective strategic partner.


The right spend analytics solution could mean better spend visibility, more effective supplier relationships, and considerable cost reduction. The wrong solution could leave your Procurement team scrambling to make sense of an unwieldy interface or unclear data. Don’t let a bad choice of spend analytics software hurt your organization or Procurement’s standing within it. Reach out to our supplier and solution evaluation team today.

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