Vendor Management Software Selection and Evaluation

Vendor Management Software Selection

How to Select the Right Vendor Relationship Management Solution for Your Organization

Vendor Management Software Selection Services

Engage your suppliers more effectively and realize greater value with the help of your VRM Solution Selection Services. 

Supply chains run on relationships. Procurement has to work closely with its organization’s suppliers to ensure both parties generate strategic value in the long-term. To optimize these relationships and encourage more transparent, efficient collaboration, many organizations turn to Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) software. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current VRM solution – or are interested in navigating the provider landscape for the first time – the Procurement Software Evaluation and Selection experts at Source One are prepared to offer the support you need.

Source One’s Procurement Technology advisers have supported clients for decades. In the time, we’ve established and optimized countless relationships between clients and providers. We know the best practices of Vendor Management in and out, and are familiar with all of the leading VRM Solutions. With Source One’s help, organizations can select the exact VRM tool they need and develop systems for maximizing the value of their supply chain partnerships.

What are the Benefits of a VRM Solution?

  • A more streamlined and transparent process for requisition approval.
  • Centralized and standardized processes for invoicing, contracting, payment, and more.
  • Enhanced security and systems for managing risk and compliance.
  • Increased visibility into scope creep and maverick spending.


Not every Vendor Relationship tool will produce these results. Source One’s software evaluation and selection team can assist your team in navigating the provider landscape to find truly impactful solutions.

Why Trust Source One for VRM Software Selection?

  • Experience: Source One’s software selection consultants boast decades of experience. We know what separates world-class organizations and world-class Procurement software from the pack.
  • Focus: Procurement technology isn’t just an area of expertise for Source One – it’s their business. Every component of our service offering aims to optimize Procurement’s performance and pair you with effective solutions.
  • Supplier Agnostic: Though Source One has built relationships with VRM solution providers, we’re not interested in playing favorites. Our VRM guidance is not just informed, but totally unbiased.
  • Collaborative: Source One’s Vendor Relationship Management experts treat clients as partners. Rather than delivering lectures on their preferred VRM platforms, we look for opportunities to work together and identify best-fit solutions.
  • Knowledgeable: Source One’s Procurement Technology team is intimately familiar with the VRM provider landscape. Clients trust us to select best-fit suppliers and world-class VRM solutions.


The right VRM software helps Procurement optimize the value of its partnerships across the supply chain. Don’t make your selections alone. Trust Source One’s experienced Procurement Technology advisers to guide the process and provide for long-term savings and collaboration.


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