Strategic Sourcing Services for Risk-Free Cost Reduction

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction

Source One's contingency-based cost reduction services provide your Procurement team with risk-free, hard dollar savings.

Contingency-Based Procurement ServicesSource One offers it’s full suite of cost reduction services through a contingency-based fee model. You’ll only pay for the hard dollar savings our Procurement and Strategic Sourcing experts produce. 

Decades ago, our contingency-based cost reduction services helped us build our reputation as Procurement and Strategic Sourcing leaders. Clients leverage our Procurement services because they’re missing the internal resources necessary to achieve their cost reduction goals. Many are also uneasy about the risks of investing in cost reduction services up-front. That’s why we still offer our full suite of Strategic Sourcing services through a contingency-based model.

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction Services

Leverage our contingency-based cost reduction experts to supplement your Procurement team, promote best practices,  and achieve your savings goals:


Contingency-Based Cost Reduction for any Industry 

Our contingency-based cost reduction strategies have proven successful in dozens of industries. We’re constantly broadening our expertise and learning new Procurement best practices to help companies like yours meet their cost reduction goals. Here are just a few industries where our contingency-based services have produced savings:


Want to reduce costs without committing to a long-term agreement or paying up-front? Realize risk-free savings with help from the contingency-based cost reduction experts today.

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Cost Reduction Opportunities for All Spend Areas

Since 1992, the contingency-based cost reduction experts at Source One have helped clients produce savings and improve their Procurement operations by applying the principles of Strategic Sourcing. We’ve diversified our cost reduction offerings over the years, but a few things haven’t changed. We’re still committed to driving innovation in Procurement and providing our clients with opportunities for risk-free cost reduction. However you leverage our cost reduction services, count on Source One’s experts to help you achieve savings and build a world-class Procurement function.

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction for Indirect Spend

Our contingency-based cost reduction experts wrote the book on managing indirect spend. We’ve helped clients optimize their purchasing in countless spend categories including:


Indirect Cost Reduction

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction for Direct Spend

The contingency-based cost reduction team at Source One is equally capable of applying Strategic Sourcing to improve direct materials purchasing. We’ve helped clients produce savings in the following areas:


Direct Spend Cost Reduction