Source One's Contingency Based Sourcing Services Provide Risk-Free Savings Opportunities

Contingency Based Cost Reduction

Contingency Based Strategic Sourcing with Source One's Pay-for-Performance Cost Reduction Services

Source One offers flexible fee options for our  procurement and strategic sourcing services. 

Many companies lack the budget to leverage traditional procurement  consulting services.  That’s why, in addition to our fee-for-service offerings, Source One provides contingency based cost reduction services.

No Risk, No Reward?

Not with Source One. Our contingency based sourcing services enable clients to reap the benefit of our expert procurement team and cutting-edge strategic sourcing resources without the risks of upfront costs, consulting expenses, or resource consumption.  We’re not the other guys.  We don’t use our contingency based services to chase low-hanging fruit, collect money on both ends, or bait clients into paying hidden fees. Our approach to sourcing remains ethical however our clients choose to compensate us.

The Source One Difference:


Source One’s Contingency Based services might provide soft-cost savings, but you’ll only pay for hard dollars.

With our Contingency Based Strategic Sourcing Services, clients pay us exclusively out of actual hard-dollar savings after they are obtained. Whatever soft-cost savings we help produce through staff reduction or internal process improvement are strictly for our clients’ benefit. Unlike some of our competitors, there are no hidden-fees or extra charges for our contingency based sourcing services. We are supplier agnostic – which means we never accept referral fees, agency fees or commissions from suppliers, and ensure our clients are getting the best value for their procurement dollar.

We’re here to help each step of the way.

Our objective on all sourcing initiatives – contingency based, or otherwise – is to help our clients obtain the best overall total-value and quality of service with new or existing suppliers. This means we’ll offer contingency based assistance at each stage in the strategic sourcing process.  Sometimes sourcing implementation is as simple as signing a new pricing agreement with your incumbent supplier. Other times, it’s a complicated process necessitating on-site visits, staff training, and cross-department collaboration. Whatever the situation, our contingency based consultants provide much more than a report with their best wishes. Source One’s dedication to producing cost savings means we’ll collaborate directly with our clients throughout the life of any contingency based initiative.

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Strategic Sourcing Services

Source One offers an array of Procurement Services for all types of organizations.

Since 1992, we’ve set ourselves apart from our competitors by supplying innovative procurement solutions to organizations of all sizes across a variety of industries. Our procurement services include:

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Our Clients are as Varied as Our Offerings.

Source One’s procurement experts boast decades of cross-functional, cross-industry strategic sourcing experience. We’re equipped to address your savings concerns whatever your market.

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