Pay-For-Performance Strategic Sourcing from the Leading Procurement Services Provider

Why Choose Contingency-Based Cost Reduction Services from Source One?

Source One's Contingency-Based Cost Reduction Services Guarantee Hard-Dollar Savings

Source One offers pay-for-performance procurement solutions

Source One’s supply management consultants serve clients of all sizes with our contingency-based cost reduction services. 

Producing Contingency-Based Savings since 1992:

Source One has delivered pay-for-performance Procurement and Strategic Sourcing services to hundreds of clients over the years.  In the early days, some companies were skeptical about a totally new sourcing services firm. Though most weren’t sure on the competitiveness of their supplier contracts, they hadn’t considered a strategic approach to procurement – especially for indirect spend categories. That’s how our contingency-based cost reduction model was born. If our procurement efforts couldn’t produce hard-dollar savings for our clients, we accepted no payment. From our humble beginnings in MRO and Telecom spend, we’ve grown into a robust procurement services provider offering cost savings across countless industries and spend categories. We built our reputation as a Procurement leader on these offerings. That’s why we continue to offer pay-for-performance strategic sourcing services today alongside our fee-for-service and unique hybrid structures.

Risk-Free Procurement for Guaranteed Savings:

Many companies lack the resources to leverage procurement consultation services. That’s why Source One offers its Strategic Sourcing services on contingency. You’ll enjoy access to Procurement thought leaders, innovative sourcing technology, and decades of market data without any risk or up-front costs. That’s how confident we are that our Procurement consultants can meet your savings goals.

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