Tips and Insights for the Negotiation Process

Contract Negotiations Playbook

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Services

Source One’s spend management team offers a full suite of support services to Procurement organizations. Like our Negotiations Playbook, these offerings are informed by our decades of successful client engagements.

Category Management

As Procurement continues to evolve, more and more organizations count on the function to serve as a Category Manager. Source One’s consultants have spent decades providing for Procurement’s strategic growth. They’re perfectly equipped to support organizations in developing Category Management plans for any area of direct or indirect spend.

Make Procurement a Category Manager

Spend Analysis Services

Every strategic sourcing engagement has to start somewhere. Source One’s hands-on spend analysis services ensure they get off to an effective start. They embed themselves within their clients’ operations to gain a thorough understanding of Procurement’s purchasing history. Armed with this information, they empower the organization to realize cost reduction and refine their approach to spend management.

Spend Analysis as a Service

Staffing & Recruiting

Even in our digital age, people are Procurement’s most valuable resource. Source One’s Supply Chain staffing and recruiting experts put their clients in contact with world-class candidates. Collaborating directly with Procurement, HR, and leaders from the executive level, they help organizations establish world class teams.

Building an Optimal Procurement Team 

Supplier Relationship Management

If you enjoyed Source One’s Negotiations Playbook, you might benefit from access to their full suite of Supplier Relationship Management services. Their dedicated, collaborative team will work with you to understand you existing vendor relationships and ensure all parties realize maximum value in the long-term.

Optimizing Supply Chain Partnerships

Source One's Negotiation Playbook Offers Decades of Contracting Insight

Contracting Negotiations Playbook for Procurement

Leverage years of contracting insights and best practices with Source One’s Negotiations Playbook.

The negotiation process is about far more than arriving at a great price. Approached strategically, negotiations provide the foundation for long-term, mutually rewarding partnerships. Simply put, it’s not a procurement process to approach lightly.

Expert negotiators rely on category expertise, market intelligence, and hard-won experience to drive their efforts. Procurement teams that are lacking in any of these areas could find themselves settling for inefficient agreements with unacceptable pricing or service levels. In time, they might even find themselves dealing with rampant non-compliance from their partners across the supply chain. That’s why Source One is happy to share its Negotiation Playbook with Procurement teams of every size and maturity level. Whether you’re a veteran looking to bolster your category expertise or a novice entering negotiations for the first time, you’ll find actionable insights for establishing world-class agreements with your suppliers.

Why Trust the Negotiations Playbook?


Source One’s Negotiations Playbook paves the way for a more strategic and effective approach to Contract Management. Organizations that crack open the playbook enjoy a host of benefits.

What Does the Negotiations Playbook Provide?


You can’t avoid the contracting and negotiations process altogether. With Source One’s Negotiations Playbook, however, you make the process as painless as it’s ever been. Save time, money, and effort by reaching out to Source One’s negotiations experts today.

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