Cost Reduction Services from the Pioneers in Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Cost Reduction Services

Cost Reduction Procurement Support Services

The cost reduction team at Source One have helped clients realize savings in all categories of direct and indirect spend since 1992. Our full suite of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing services is tailored to the particular cost reduction needs of our clients and their internal Procurement units.

Get Savings with Proven Cost Reduction Strategies

Through years of Strategic Sourcing initiatives, the cost reduction team at Source One has worked to change Procurement’s perception. With our help, clients have discovered that there’s much more to Strategic Sourcing than savings. However you choose to leverage our Procurement services, expect to produce value and establish a foundation for long-term strategic growth. Our flexible fee models provide savings support to Procurement teams in any industry at any maturity level.

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Contingency-Based Cost Reduction

Source One’s Strategic Sourcing team built their reputation through contingency-based cost reduction services. Working through this cost reduction model, we’ll only collect payment based on actual hard-dollar savings. That means our contingency-based cost reduction services provide you with access to our expert Procurement team without the risks associated with up-front costs. Our contingency-based cost reduction specialists aren’t interested in tacking on hidden fees, chasing low-hanging fruit, or handing off business to our partners. We’re only interested in realizing your cost reduction goals.

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Our Approach to Contingency-Based Cost Reduction

At Source One, we take a unique approach to contingency-based cost reduction. Unlike the other guys, we don’t use contingency-based services as an excuse to collect hidden fees, and we never charge for soft-dollar savings. Our ethical and entrepreneurial approach to cost reduction has helped us establish long-term strategic partnerships with clients in a variety of industries since 1992.

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Proven Cost Reduction Strategies

Since 1992, the Procurement team at Source One have devised and implemented  effective cost reduction strategies in countless industries and categories of both direct and indirect spend. They regularly share these strategies on industry blogs, and leverage them to support their client’s internal Procurement and Strategic Sourcing operations.

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Reducing COGS

Reducing the cost of goods sold is an essential component of process improvement for companies in a variety of industries. Due to time and budget constraints, however, many organizations struggle to even assess cost information, let alone meet their cost reduction goals. The Procurement experts at Source One have the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to analyze your operations and identify opportunities for both process optimization and cost reduction.

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SG&A Cost Reduction

Source One’s cost reduction team provide Sales, General, and Administrative expense solutions to produce minimize the costs associated with running a business in any industry. Within many organizations, these categories go overlooked for extended periods. Source One’s cross-category expertise and proven cost reduction solutions can reduce any confusion surrounding this spend and produce considerable savings.

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Cost Reduction Audits

Opportunities for cost reduction could be hiding in plain sight. Trust the cost reduction audit team at Source One to assess every level of your Procurement operations to uncover opportunities for cost reduction in all areas of direct and indirect spend. Don’t let savings go unrecognized. Let our cost reduction team secure your savings my monitoring savings compliance and tracking your cost reduction goals.

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Profit Recovery Services

Lost savings are an everyday hazard in Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Source One’s experts will not only spearhead your cost reduction goals, but will work to audit your operations and recover lost profits. Profit Recovery services from Source One can reveal savings lost as a result of pricing errors, contract compliance issues, mismanaged shipping, and more. Leveraging our Profit Recovery team will not only put money back into your wallet, but will promote more efficient and risk-averse Procurement practices into the future.

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Savings Compliance Tracking

In addition to suggesting cost reduction strategies, Source One’s Procurement teams offer long-term support services to guarantee ongoing savings and compliance. We’ll oversee your cost reduction efforts to ensure vendor relationships maintain their strategic value and purchasing habits remain both efficient and effective.

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