Expert-led Cost Reduction Audit and Savings Recovery Services

Cost Reduction Audit

Identify Inefficient Procurement Practices and Recover Lost Savings with Source One's Cost Reduction Audit Services

Cost Reduction Audits from Source One

Leverage the Strategic Sourcing team at Source One for a Cost Reduction Audit. Our cost reduction experts will assess your Procurement operations and supplier relationships to uncover savings opportunities and eliminate inefficiencies.

Under normal circumstances, it’s challenging for companies to find time to assess and audit their Procurement team’s operations. Mergers, acquisitions, and other organizational changes can compound this issue and lead to missed opportunities for cost reduction. The Cost Reduction Audit team at Source One can take that burden off your internal team, leveraging our bench of procurement to provide visibility into every aspect of your Procurement.

A Cost Reduction Audit from Source One will identify areas for process improvement and cost savings in all areas of Procurement’s operations.


Call Source One’s Procurement experts today to schedule a cost reduction audit. We won’t just point to cost reduction opportunities, but will go the extra mile and provide the guidance and expertise necessary to ensure those opportunities turn into genuine cost reduction.

Contact the Cost Reduction Audit Team

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Cost Reduction Audit Services

The Procurement and Strategic Sourcing experts at Source One pride themselves on helping companies of all sizes meet their cost reduction goals and develop optimal Procurement processes. Whatever your industry and whatever your savings goals, count on our Procurement consultants to promote long-term value and efficiency.

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction Audits

Source One’s Procurement team built their reputation by offering contingency-based cost reduction services to our clients. Our contingency-based cost reduction audit services arm clients with the full power of our Procurement team without the risks of up-front costs. Unlike other Procurement Services Providers, we’ll never collect a dime on soft dollar savings. You’ll only pay for realized hard dollar cost reduction.

Risk Free Cost-Reduction Audits

Cost Reduction Audit Best Practices

The cost reduction audit team at Source One have offered their expert suite of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing services since 1992. In that time, they’ve learned the Procurement best practices that make for effective cost reduction in any industry or spend category. They empower internal Procurement teams with this knowledge to ensure they meet their cost reduction goals.

Best Practices for Cost Reduction Audits

Cost Reduction Opportunity Assessment

The Procurement and Strategic Sourcing experts at Source One will do more than analyze your Procurement department’s spend data. They’ll put that data to work by identifying cost reduction opportunities and providing the proven sourcing strategies and Procurement best practices necessary to ensure your organization realizes its cost reduction goals.

Guiding Cost Reduction Audits

Cost Reduction Audits for Any Spend Category

Source One’s clients realize an average of 18% cost reduction across all direct and indirect spend categories. Thanks to our Procurement team’s efforts, most don’t even need to switch suppliers to achieve these cost reduction numbers. Our cost reduction team is the best at what they do because it’s all they do. Whatever your savings goals, trust our cost reduction specialists to see them through.

Proven Cost Reduction Audits