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Procurement Maturity Assessment

Your Procurement team can’t set savings goals unless they understand what they’re capable of. To kick off a cost reduction initiatives, your Procurement team needs to know exactly where its people, processes, and tools stand. The savings team at Source One know what defines excellence in Procurement. They’ll conduct a thorough maturity assessment and suggest the appropriate next steps for making your savings goals a reality. You can’t develop a best-in-class Procurement team over night, but with a Procurement Maturity Assessment from Source One you’ll find meeting ambitious savings goals is easier than you thought.

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Spend Analysis Services

Data analytics is changing Procurement and making it easier than ever to achieve cost savings. Too often, however, Strategic Sourcing initiatives are halted by overly complicated spend analysis tools. Instead of discovering savings, many Procurement departments find themselves struggling to classify their spend data with an unwieldy platform. Our cost reduction team has the solution. is a user-friendly spend analytics resource that makes it simple to classify historical spend and identify savings opportunities. Whatever your industry, spend categories, or cost reduction goals, SpendConsultant is the resource your Procurement team has been waiting for.

Savings with SpendConsultant

Savings Opportunity Assessments

Spend analytics is great, but it doesn’t produce savings on its own.  That’s why Source One and SpendConsultant offer savings opportunity assessment services. Combining robust a robust spend analytics tool with the market intelligence gained through decades of Strategic Sourcing, it goes well beyond classifying data. SpendConsultant puts your historical spend to work producing savings roadmaps. You’ll identify both quick-win and long-term opportunities to reduce costs and more effectively conduct sourcing project moving forward.

Identify Savings Opportunities

Discover Cost Savings Opportunities with Strategic Sourcing Support from the Tech-Enabled Consultants at Source One

Get Savings Through Strategic SourcingStrategic Sourcing services from Source One can produce hard-dollar savings in any category of direct or indirect spend. Our Procurement consultants produce an average of 18% savings for clients. 

Since 1992, the savings specialists at Source One have supported clients with world-class Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Services. Our cross-category, cross-industry expertise enable us to offer a flexible suite of Procurement services capable of producing savings for organizations at any maturity level.

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In addition to flexible Procurement and Strategic Sourcing services, Source One offers flexible fee arrangements. Choose the model that suits your organization’s size, structure, and savings goals.

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